Looming on the Horizon


A four-day break. I’m going camping over Memorial Day weekend and I can’t wait. I love camping anyway, but I come back from a few days away with such a fresh outlook, a clear head, and renewed enthusiasm. So I need to make the most of this weekend, particularly because I’m not taking any vacation – unless you count camping now and Labor Day weekend, and it’s going to be a LONG summer.

How about some links? 

First look at Mockingjay pics!!

I’ll be reading this (don’t knock it till you try it.)

The original female vampire?

A million points to Gryffindor!

YA books for Mental Health Awareness month. (Follow this tumblr if you don’t – they’re always putting up great stuff.)

Yes, I do all this, and more.

From Friend M: Sometimes it just helps to see things in video form to see a point that words can’t make effectively.

From Friend D: 

This will be very exciting for Beowulf and/or Tolkien enthusiasts (I am neither, alas.)

From Mama Bear:

Book love AND interior design. So gorgeous!

Trigger warnings are essential – here’s the first of two articles on their gaining prominence. (Here’s the second, which I like better.)

In What’s Annabelle Reading, as I mentioned in my last post, I finished The Kill Order, the prequel to the Maze Runner trilogy. It can really be read either as a prequel, before reading the trilogy, or a companion book, after reading the trilogy. So I needed something to cleanse my palate from world catastrophes and killer viruses, so I read Dan Savage’s It Gets Better. So affirming.


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