Toddler Storytime, Thursday, May 22


All the forces conspired for a terrific storytime yesterday. What I’ve found is that I’ll want to do one particular story and then build the rest of the storytime around it, which is what happened yesterday.


I thought it would be fun to do Caps for Sale with toddlers, who would be able to mimic the actions of the monkeys and the peddler, shaking their fingers, stamping their feet, and so it was. They were really into it! It was a lot of fun. (My coworker pulled The Hatseller and the Monkeys, a folktake from Mali, so I could show the kids and adults how folktales span cultures and continents.)

We read Monkey and Me next, and they shouted out the names of the animals. We finished off with Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (see a theme here?).

(I’m clearly twelve inside, because one of the songs we did was “Where is Thumbkin,” and there’s a weird sense of glee in giving 75 kids and adults the finger!)

So anyway, it was a success. A very strong, highly participatory, no-phone zone storytime.


Beverly Cleary is 90-something years old and still going strong.

A love letter to a book I didn’t even discover – and subsequently love – until Sister A read it.

This article may be blocked unless you have a WSJ account, but basically parents in NYC are going a little bit bananas about lining up for and getting into storytimes. I mean, yay, they’re excited about storytime, but, guys… relax.

Some people can do this – some people can’t. I’m one of them.

Are any of these your favorite coming-of-age novels?

Yes. All of them.

Anyone can be a librarian, and anyone can be a children’s librarian, but the awesome ones….

From Friend D:

I’d never heard of most of these!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhhhhhh family dinners!

From Mama Bear:

I want a house that can have all of these.

This is a great book, and a neat article about it.

A super-shitty idea from my hometown.

Not crapulence.

This doesn’t work for me, but, still, an interesting list.

Clever marketing – I’d have flipped if I’d seen this!

When Rolling Stone puts together a YA list, read it.

Have a terrific Memorial Day weekend, chickadees!


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