This weekend was a pane


On Saturday, a young patron broke one of the glass windows in our early literacy room. I was in Teens at the time – so no pinning it on me! – and heard a massive crash as the glass broke and went everywhere. Luckily, the little boy was the only one hurt, and just received some shallow cuts and scratches; nothing serious.

But it’s interesting how that incident shaped the entire weekend. 

For instance, most immediately, an ambulance came, the custodians cleaned up the glass, facilities sanitized the area, and then the custodians put a wooden board in place of the pane. The rest of the day the children’s section was closed, as all the cleanup efforts continued, and we made signs saying we were closed, and put barriers in front of the doors, and explained the situation to patrons. If anyone wanted a book, we could either pull it for them if they knew what they wanted, and hand it to them outside, but if they didn’t know what they wanted, we couldn’t let them inside to use the catalog computers or to browse.

On Sunday, we opened at 1, and I was the only person there at 9. (On Sundays, I may have mentioned, you can work the whole day, or just 5 hours. I like working all day, making the Sunday money and taking care of loads of projects.) I spent much of the morning on my hands and knees in the area surrounding the room, checking for glass shards – I found a few big ones – and inspecting the toys and books inside the room. We kept it closed for the day, and today we had another vacuuming before we opened. So it’s good to go.

The moral of the story, chickadees, is: be flexible!

I have a BOATLOAD of links for you all today. Lots of Birthday Twin news and lots of good reading lists.

Taking the top spot: some wise words from the late, great, inimitable Dr. Maya Angelou.

Some authors’ summer beach reads.

Five books to read this month – and one of them I just finished. You’ll have to see which one in What’s Annabelle Reading.


And in other lack of diversity news…

Bad, bad, bad, badbadbad.

I’m still not going to see The Giver.

Oh, my ovaries!

Apparently Jason Segel is writing a book.

But his cover won’t be as good as NPH’s, that’s for sure.

Women winners! Hooray!

I’ve never been a fan of postmodernism, but these are pretty cool.

Great quotes about books by authors. 

Queen Victoria’s bookplate, just because.

I sent this to Mama Bear with the subject line “WANT.” Her response: “NEED!”

It really irks me when people won’t read YA just because it’s YA. (coughcough Mama Bear coughcough) But there are lots of books crossing over – beyond all of those dystopic books you’re being inundated with (and which, incidentally, are on the wane). Here are 10 to read.


Want to have a little cry? Go ahead, have a little cry.

I love Harry Potter a lot, but maybe not this much. Still, cute.

Like I ever need another reason to move to London.

To this day, I can’t see the cover of Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain without hearing James Earl Jones’ voice.

Sister A and I had a great chat about Lifetime’s horribly wonderful (or wonderfully horrible?) Flowers in the Attic movie right after we watched it. The sequel, Petals on the Wind, aired this weekend, and it was even worse (better?) than FitA!

From Friend J: a rather rude reaction to Llama, LlamaNot the book, the character.

From SIster A:

More about Birthday Twin and his legion of fans. (Also a shoutout to Lizzie Skurnick!) 

Keep your eyes peeled for these future best-sellers.

From Friend D:

We need to talk about slut-shaming.

How TFIOS – and seriously, chickadees, if I have to spell that out for you at this point, you just haven’t been reading closely enough – became a cult sensation.

I love it when authors practice what they preach.

From Mama Bear:

The best summer reads for 2014. Start your list now!

Behind the scenes with John Green.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished an advance readers’ copy of The QuickI saw that the blurb on the back included the words “Victorian London,” so I was sold, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a big, sprawling, well-paced debut novel about one of London’s most mysterious clubs. Nicely Gothic.


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  1. I think at this point, they’re all going to be replaced. The windows are pretty thick – I found some surprisingly thick shards on my combing of the carpet – but this was a wake-up call!

  2. Ugh, yes. Ours are also double-paned and it’s almost always the inside that cracks, necessitating a long and complicated processes of removing six foot panes to get at the inside one, etc. But they were made of some kind of glass that doesn’t shatter. (and only one, possibly, of the cracks can be blamed on the middle schoolers – the rest were from the windows being stressed or the temperatures)

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