Sunny Sunday links


Not much to report – I’ve had a great weekend off – except that it was Pride weekend in my city, and I’m really proud that my library system participated. We decorated an old cart in the Teen Space the other day, and it was used in the parade! It was a gorgeous weekend and a worthwhile cause. (We have a lot of gay, questioning, and transgendered teens in our Teen Space, and I like that they can use the library as a safe space.)

Okay, links. (And, since there’ll be a lot of TFIOS links, some news: I’m officially seeing it on Friday. The feels!)

Want a TFIOS tattoo?

I’ve said before that there is SO much more to being a children’s librarian than anyone thinks. This is alliterative evidence.

They do indeed, and if Judy says it, you need to listen.

I truly could not disagree with this more. (A few responses to it below.)

One Direction fanfic? Ew.

19 of the worst children’s book titles ever.

Graffiti I can get behind.

I love clever people.  (Friend Blogger R loves wordplay – and was really sweet about my failed pain/pane title from my last post – so I think she’ll like this.)

From Friend D:

A TFIOS review.

Recreating The Anne Frank House for TFIOS.

Very funny.

Fulla swear words, and don’t talk to my birthday twin that way.

From Mama Bear:

Another TFIOS review.

Yet another, this from Baltimore magazine.

Happy to be a “Book Girl.”

An effective response to the Slate article linked to above.

And another effect of not actually reading the book.

I’ve been a hardcore Marxist since childhood, but I’d never heard this story before.


In What’s Annabelle Reading, it was the best of Dickens, it was the worst of Dickens.

Then I had to take out a book that Mama Bear said was “unputdownable,” and indeed, I knocked it out in about one sitting. A little fluffy, but definitely a book for book lovers.


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