Toddler and Preschool Storytime, Wednesday, June 11


Two storytimes today! I’m surprised I can still speak. That’s a lot of singing. (Oh, and one tomorrow, too.)  Between this and the World Cup cheering I’ll be doing all weekend, I’ll have no voice by Monday.

My first storytime was with 2s and 3s, and it was quite small. Just four child/adult pairs. But I liked it that way, because I could interact with the kids more.

I had chosen counting as the theme, and an old, old Sesame Street song popped into my head earlier this week. I tweaked it a bit, and it was a hit, and I probably could have sung it twice, since it was so quick. I think it would work with preschoolers, too.

The books I had chosen were all good counting books, but Look Whooo’s Counting was my favorite, and the kids were good at counting with me.

photo (79)

The next group, my preschool group, was terrific – lots of participation and question asking and hand-raising and enthusiasm, on all counts.

Well, except one.

A nanny had two children with her and was present at the beginning, when I gave my usual “no cell phone-zone” spiel, and as we were singing our opening song – not 20 seconds after I’d asked everyone to put their cell phones away – she had her cell phone out. I politely asked her to text after storytime, and she said, “Oh, I’m just texting the mom to tell them we’re at storytime.” I told her we would wait till she was finished, and wait we did.  When she was finished, we talked about that day’s theme – helping – and I began Chickens to the Rescue , and SHE PULLED OUT HER PHONE AGAIN! Seriously? This time, I asked her to step out of the room if she was going to continue to text, when she got all huffy, grabbed her kids, and said she was leaving. The kids started crying, because they wanted to be here, and the preschool groups watched the scene with interest – drama! – and I calmly carried on. I mean, honestly.

photo (80)


The rest of the storytime was uneventful, unless you count the mooing and quacking of my new Old McDonald felt set, created by yours truly – half the kids thought the dinosaur was hilarious, and the other half very seriously informed me that dinosaurs don’t live on farms. Good to know.


(I can’t remember if I posted it or not before, when I made it, but here it is.) We’ll be doing it again tomorrow at my outdoor storytime.


This librarian gets the top spot.

Hail and farewell to Spot’s creator, Eric Hill.

The Simpsons has always been smart.

Sure, anyone can write a book, but is it any good?

You may ask how cartoons, comics, and graphic novels are part of the literary canon these days. Well, they are, so just accept it. Pearls Before Swine’s Stephan Pastis, who also writes children’s books, kept a neat collaboration secret until some strips ran this week.

How our favo(u)rite books shape us. Mine have been instrumental to who I am.

I like The Hunger Games and everything, but this is just silly.

Literary tattoos of works by female authors.

Insurgent casting news (and I definitely pictured him!)

There is not enough diversity in librarianship, by far.

Soooo many parallels to Love Story (which was crap).

A really, really clever response to Ruth Graham’s stupid “Adults should be embarrassed to read YA” piece.

The “Dickens was paid by the word” myth is busted.

I’m a little dystopia-d out at the moment, but when I get back in the saddle, I’ll read these, and then set my VCR (shut up) for the HBO series.


From Mama Bear:

Happy birthday to Maurice Sendak.

AWESOME. Censorship SUCKS.

A look at some of New York’s bookstores.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I suddenly had the urge to crack open the Millenium Trilogy again. So I finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and am now working my way through #2.


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