Full Moon Friday the 13th


Two big indicators of weirdness have collided today, given that it’s Friday the 13th (oh, weird, I graduated high school on a Friday the 13th, 17 years ago, that’s strange), and it’s also a full moon. 


Patron walks into teen space with an open bag of chips, eating from it.

Me: Excuse me, there’s no eating in the library. 

Him: *looks at me, says nothing, continues to eat.*

Me: (sighs) Please leave the teen space.


Phone rings, I answer it with the library’s name and the department and my name, and the woman on the other end says, “Oh, I’m sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number, but what a nice number to land on!”


A teenage girl comes barreling into teens with a baby carriage, and says, “I NEED TO USE YOUR PHONE!” On volume 11.

I respond, “I’m sorry, but patrons aren’t allowed to use staff phones. There’s a pay phone around the corner, by Adaptive Services, though.” 

She responds, “GODDAMNIT!” and then announces to her friends waiting outside Teen Space, “The bitch won’t let me use the phone!”

This all happened within the span of the past 15 minutes, and it’s only 11:23. 

Doctor, give me strength to make it through this day so I can go ugly cry with my coworkers at TFIOS.

Links? Okay.

I used to read Star Trek books, naturally in my room, only, and never out in public.

Celebrating fathers and diversity.

Betcha you didn’t know these facts about 1984.

More reasons (stolen from Coworker L) about why you should read YA.  

From Blogger Friend R: Her look at some great fathers in children’s lit. 

From Friend D: Does the Anne Frank House kiss in TFIOS go too far?

From Other Friend D: This is almost perfect. Try not to well up.

From Family Friend J: When it’s bad, sometimes it’s good! 

From Mama Bear:

Rereading Ramona – as an adult.

So people with lousy report cards can go on to greatness? I’ll make a note of that.

I may need to call in sick to work for a while while I’m visiting all of these

A joke courtesy of Coworker A:

Where does Dorian Gray buy his clothes?

Forever 21!

I’ll be here all week, folks.

In What’s Annabelle reading, more Stieg Larsson


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