Well, I guess spoilers abound if you’ve read The Fault in Our Stars. Because the movie – shockingly – is almost exactly true to the book. From the dialogue to the plot, there are no surprises. So bravo to My Birthday Twin for keeping it real.

The previews were utterly YA. From The Maze Runner (and you know how I feel about that trailer!), to If I Stay (just saw the trailer for the first time), I felt right back at work.

Without giving too much away about the movie, or the book (and I saw it with 5 coworkers, plus one coworker’s date and one coworker’s mother-in-law), the tear level among us varied from welling up to full-on, I-just-saw-my-dog-hit-by-a-car sobbing.

I guess I don’t have to tell you what I was guilty of.

Here’s where the spoilers kick in:

I had slight leakage when Augustus brings Hazel the tulips.

I was full-on sobbing from the moment they landed in Amsterdam.

Hysteria ensued when Augustus made his big Amsterdam confession (“I lit up like a Christmas tree”) to Hazel.

(Then I took a break because my bladder overruled my tear ducts. Luckily, Coworker B and I dashed for the bathroom, peed, and made our way back to some non-obtrusive seats quite quickly.)

Finally, we were at the end of the movie. Coworker B held me while I cried, then I held Coworker B while she cried.

I recommend going to see The Fault in Our Stars if you are not wearing eye makeup and don’t mind people watching you pull a full-on Dawson. Because you will, whether you’ve read the book or not. If you don’t like completely losing it in public, I recommend waiting till it comes out on Netflix.

Proceed with caution, chickadees.

(NB: Most of the GIFs here are from Doctor Who. Indeed, proceed with caution.)


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