Wonderful Ones, Thursday, June 19


This storytime was a winner. Great kids, great parents, so much fun. We were in an animal theme, and I did three, two of which worked really, really, REALLY well – Let’s Count Goats (anything illustrated by Jan Thomas just rocks) and The Seals on the Bus. They were both participatory songs, and while I Love Animals was good, it wasn’t nearly as much fun.

photo (16)

In my next post, I’ll talk about my Saturday pajama storytime.


The top 10 feminist books.

A little bit about Esther Earl, one of the inspirations for TFIOS. 

Got 15 minutes?

Some YA books you just have to read.

Keep it weird, Portland!

Some Father’s Day better book titles.

I tell everyone that the line between YA and adult books is a very, very fine one.

The series section in my branch is “my” section, and people don’t really believe me when I say they’re the gateway to reading. They are.

44, yo.

Maker spaces are coming near you – this is what some friends in Bethesda, MD are getting at their local library.

From Friend D: No, no, no, it will not.

This hurtful little detail from the TFIOS movie will hit you right in the feels.

From Friend L: This raises some really, really good questions.

From Friend P: Who do you think Jane Austen’s harshest critics were?

From Sister A: this is more to the TV series, which, honestly, is also canon.

From Mama Bear:

Holmes is now, and will forever be, in the public domain.

Thank you for feminist, Dumas fils!

You know I’m a grammar nerd, but maybe you didn’t know that I feel very strongly about the Oxford comma (in favor of it, AP be damned!)

Who doesn’t love words?

What’s with the “again” part? I still do. You should, too.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, having finished all the Stieg Larsons, I went on to the very quick YA prose poetry novel Because I Am Furniture, which I’ve been wanting to read since library school. It was powerful. I got an advance reader’s copy of The Appetites of Girls, which was yawn yawn female bonding food college yawn.  After that, I found Christopher Moore’s new one, YAAAAY, because he is funny and literary and bawdy and terrific. I’ll read anything of his. This one was Poe and Shakespeare all in a neat little package. Finally, I pulled out a YA memoir I’d been wanting to read for a while. I’m fascinated by people who practice extreme religions or religions extremely, so this was a neat perspective.


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