Family Fun Time: Saturday, June 21


When I was a little girl, I was a little weird in a lot of little different ways. (This should come as no surprise, frankly.) But one of the weirdest little stories about me, according to Mama Bear and Daddio, is that when I took a nap, I couldn’t do it in my regular clothes; I had to change back into my pajamas to sleep, and then, on waking up, would get back into my overalls or whatever.

Two things are still true today: one, I still need to be in PJs to sleep, and two, there’s just something really magical about wearing pajamas at non-night times.

Hence Saturday’s storytime: pajamas.


Here’s yours truly in her Hogwarts shirt, Nick and Nora PJ pants, and Oscar slippers, which were undoubtedly the most popular part of my ensemble.

The three books I read were a lot of fun – my and the crowd favorite was Timothy and the Strong Pajamas – and I wanted to pick pajama books that weren’t tied into bedtime/sleeping/good night stories, you know? Luckily, we have plenty of those.

photo 1 (1)

Then it was craft time! I had precut a bunch of (funny-looking, shut up, I’m not a great cutter-outer) pajama tops and bottoms and nightgowns out of construction paper to decorate. So I put down newspaper on a table, provided beads and glitter glue and crayons and paper and little fun things and let the kids go to town. It was a messy, fun time.

Here’s mine:

photo 2 (1)

Cute, no?

I’m glad it worked out so well – no one came in their pajamas, which was fine. I still liked wearing mine, though.

Links, yeah?

I hadn’t realized till this how weird Gus really is.

Some YA authors’ favorite book-to-movie adaptations.

Coworker C read this book, and here’s the trailer for the Hulu-exclusive Delirium.

Love a good parody.

If you want kids to read, be a reader yourself.

I got 7!

Let’s give these fictional characters something to read.

From Friend M: What the school libraries of the future could look like.

From Friend D:

More on the Great YA Debate of 2014.

Strong female characters are more than the sum of the Bechdel test.

I can’t even with this.


From Friend P:

Literary London!

From Mama Bear:

Mmm, chemicals.

What do children want?

I looove roller coasters. LOVE THEM. Will ride them till I’m blue in the face. Add a roller coaster to Harry Potter, and that’s basically perfection.

The book was small but uplifting and fun. The movie looks darling (and with a great cast).

People are stupid. Municipalities are even stupider.


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