The Heat of Summer


I think the air conditioning is broken in our office at work. It’s horrendous. So I’ve been doing a lot of things to stay out of there when I have free time: I’ve been going through our biographies and making sure they’re all in ABC order, by subject, and then by author within the subject.

I’ve been getting to know our summer helpers.

I’ve helped to distribute lunches (more on that in a second).

I’ve been slightly haunting the free book cart on our top floor just in case there are any new ARCs (advance reader’s copy) to take.

In short, keeping myself busy. The rest of the library is fine, but our room is extremely uncomfortable.

I may have mentioned this before, but our branch gives out free lunches to children who might need them. Our problem is that we don’t have a lot of kids who need them, one, and two, they’d much rather spend some pocket money on Chipotle or McDonald’s or something, rather than a perfectly fine, free, and healthy lunch. It’s frustrating.


I always need more chairs in my house…

This blog post asks an important question.

Lois Lowry looks back on 20 years of The Giver.

The First Folios – the first things I’ve ever seen that were literally “priceless” – are going on tour

Emma Watson will produce and star in The Queen of the Tearling

… which was written by this woman

Vintage posters are the coolest.

These are just mean. Yes, Mark Twain, Austen’s shinbone, we’ve heard it all before.

If this is accurate, Jane’s much prettier than her contemporaries gave her credit for. (Doesn’t she look a little like Meryl Streep?)

Mama Bear, Sister A, and I saw Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway a buncha years ago in HT$I like him as an actor and as a person, but this makes me like him even more.

From Coworker C: More amazing tattoos.

From Coworker W: This is unfortunately my life right now, but super, super hilarious.

From Friend E: an update on my favorite resident of the Plaza

From Friend L: Fun facts about Diagon Alley!

The first photos of the creatures from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

From Sister A: Get excited about the second half of 2014…. I put about half of these on my “to read” list.

From Mama Bear: To Kill a Mockingbird will finally be available for e-readers. What does this mean?

If I were Mindy Kaling, I’d be pissed. Hufflepuff???

I’ll be in NYC next weekend, and you bet your ass I’m going to see this, and buy out the entire gift shop.


Some lovely author friendships you probably don’t know about.

Also my life. Shelving is the least fun in the world you can have, but it’s so important.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finally finished Edward Rutherfurd’s latest doorstop. It’s a lot more palatable than Sarum, which I had to read in ninth grade and may have been the first book I refused to finish. Remember, chickadees, life’s too short to finish books you hate.


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