A Busman’s Holiday


This past weekend, Sister A and I convened on Mama Bear’s and Daddio’s shore house for a little time away. I’d worked three weekends in a row (which I really don’t mind – I like working Sundays and getting Sunday pay, and managing to tackle a million different tasks before we open for our half-day), but I needed to get out of Dodge.

My parents’ house is in a cute little town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and we spent a day touring some of the other cute little towns. For Sister A and I, it was more of a busman’s holiday than anything else.

We popped in first at Mystery Loves Company, which migrated from downtown Baltimore to Oxford. It’s housed in an old bank. Isn’t it cute?

photo (9)

(That’s the backs of the rest of the family). The lady who runs it is a Sherlockian, and even knew my grandfather! That’s “Smalltimore” for you. 

I picked this up, because it is the cutest thing ever, and it made my heart miss my hometown. 

A few blocks away, we were all set to go into a local museum, but Sister A and I spotted a directional sign with the word “library” on it.

“Have fun looking at boring things,” we said, and scooted the half-block over. 

photo 2 (1)

The library is staffed solely by volunteers and opened in the late 1930s. Local schoolchildren each donated a dime for a cinderblock to form the back wall.photo 1 (2)


Seriously, tell me that’s not adorable. It reminded me of my old camp library – small, with a slightly strange collection, and that smell of old books and a long history. 

photo 3 (2)


This is the children’s section, a tiny corner. It was about 1/6th of the entire size. They had a lot of new releases, a lot of donated books, all on a $3,000 yearly budget. 

They also had a library dog, Heather (who, bless her heart, was so excited to see us that she wouldn’t keep still for a picture).

photo 4 (2)


The library collected donations for the book costs of some hometown students at the local community college. 

How do I get a job there?

Later, Sister A and I spent our afternoon like this:

photo (8)


So it was pretty much a perfect day.


Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer has passed away.

Ummmm…. okay….

I would love to go to this. Not even kidding.

Beetee effing rocks!

A Q&A with Lois Lowry.

Basically, you’re just freaked out.

Maybe this is going a little too far…

636, or maybe even 636.8.

How do writers and other creative types structure their time? The answer may surprise you.

From Friend D:

Harry Potter TL;DR

Harper Lee is not happy about the new bio of her.

The best idea ever. EVER.

From Mama Bear:

I’d know their work anywhere.

Posted on Family Friend J’s blog – and you KNOW how I feel about censorship.

Stolen from Coworker M’s Facebook: Stuff YA Readers Say.

Stolen from Coworker L’s blog: Well, duh.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, hooray for me, I picked up Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl (one of her YA books) and zipped right through it. I loved it. Delightful. It brings college right back, uncomfortably so. (You can see in the above picture that Sister A is working her way through one of RR’s adult offerings, Landline.)





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