Please call ahead to make a reservation


Why is it that during the summer, our class visits skyrocket? Not during the school year – we have some, but not a huge amount – but today we had two; one surprise one (I’ll get to that in a minute), and one that was planned.

The surprise one was first thing in the morning, in teens, and surprise class visits really throw me off my game. What do they need? Computers? A lecture? A tour? How many? Will they behave? Will the teacher be useful? Will the teacher sit in the corner and not do anything? Are the teachers and students aware of the rules, and will the teacher enforce them? 

Please, if you’re reading this, don’t just bring a class into a library. CALL FIRST and make a reservation, preferably a week in advance at the very least. Let us know what you need – whether it’s just our computers or if we can talk about researching and using the catalog. 

Our other class was good. They were split up into two groups – one half was with me in teens, learning to use the databases, and the other half was in the computer lab downstairs. Then they switched. It was just what a visit should be. 

Now, on to links:

Don’t you talk to the Brontes that way!

Pulled this off FB (possibly the most useful of all the links today, for you parents with young kids).

We are all Ramonas.

This is going to be terribly awesome, or awesomely terrible. 

And along the same lines….

Another Neil Gaiman adaptation is coming our way!

Damn, these are clever. I say that about all in this series, but… wow.

Cats + Shakespeare = my dream world.

Yeah, what she said.

It’s called providing a public service, people.

Hee, an Ethel!

I’m really embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t even know Hilary Knight was still alive. He’s just the coolest.

Sister A’s library has done something similar, with dogs, I think. This is just a great idea, and I wish we could do it in our library.


I never really got into Legos as a kid. If I’d had sets like these, well, maybe I would have.

For me, it’s It. I can’t even keep it in my house, let alone read it again.

From Library School Friend D: You guys know how I feel about grammar

That’s all for today, chickadees. Keep reading.


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