Outdoor Storytime Thursday, July 17


My last outdoor storytime wasn’t fabulous – the kids were restless, the adults were too busy talking amongst themselves, and it was just not great. 

The one I had on Thursday? Couldn’t have been better. We had a huge group – almost 70! – of all different ages, from preschoolers to a baby or two (with special guest Friend H and her son, Little D). Everyone sang and laughed and, I hope/think, had a great time.

The books worked out well – Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros? proves to be the most laugh-inducing book I could choose, and the kids liked Rrralph (partially because I had a puppet to accompany it, which some of the kids were adorably frightened by, even though I assured them that Ralph was very nice and, oh, NOT REAL). 

It can be tough finding books to spur all the ages – humor for the more grown-up ones, basic skill coverage for the younger ones… but this worked beautifully. 


A word on doing a storytime in front of a non-library friend. Friend H is a pre-library friend, who’d worked with me at my pre-library job, and she was an appreciative, attentive listener and participator with Little D. But I was worried about doing well in front of her. Why, though? She’s my friend. I just did my storytime, as usual, and she professed to love it, and it made me really happy to show how much I love my job in front of a friend from my old one.

Oh, look at me getting sappy. Let’s move on to links, okay?

Books to make you laugh. Everyone loves to laugh.

I guess middle age hits everyone hard, including The Boy Who Lived…

To Kill a Mockingbird is making its mark again… this time on e-readers.

I particularly love books about college.

And the winner of the PEN/Ackerley prize is…. 

The plot of the next Cormoran Strike novel has been revealed by JKR.

So I guess this means that Tigger has ADHD? Eeyore is clinically depressed? Piglet has general anxiety disorder? Owl is a narcissist? 

From Friend D: 

Someone to keep an eye on. 

I’m starting to think I may have to go see this.

From Mama Bear:

Literary Puns (or, because they’re for cats, would that be Litter-ary puns???)

More puns, Sherlock-style.

Rainbow Rowell… you know how I like her. Buzzfeed has dubbed her “literature’s John Hughes.”

A review of Marja Mills’ Harper Lee bio. 

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I used most of my train and bus time this weekend – more on that in my next post! – to read Crazy Rich Asians, which was entertaining and fluffy. Just what I wanted. But earlier this week, I’d read an advance reader’s copy of Dear Committee Members, which I liked much more than I thought I would, once I got used to the protagonist’s voice. And I love epistolary novels. Finally, I read, shamefully, for the first time, An Abundance of Katherines, written by my Birthday Twin. It was solidly good, and a lot of fun. But too much math.


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