Preschool Storytime, Friday, July 25


Sometimes I get one idea in my head, and, for better or worse, that becomes my storytime. I was thinking how I hadn’t made a new flannel in a while, and decided to do one for “Five Little Speckled Frogs.” Here’s my magnum opus:

photo (1)

(I know what the log looks like. You don’t have to tell me.)

So the books I chose were all frog-themed, and some short stories worked well for preschoolers; I wouldn’t have used them with younger kids.


The kids really liked Frog and Fly and Beware of the Frog. With Frog and Fly particularly, they joined me in making slurping and zipping noises, and really got into the spirit of it. They liked the twist ending of Beware fo the Frog, too.

Anyway, how about some links, yeah?


A new Google doodle always makes me happy (simple pleasures, right?). Here are some of the best literary ones.

There’s no shame in guilty pleasures, ever. You’re reading what you want to read.

You know how I feel about Rainbow Rowell.

I am Jack’s Raised Eyebrow of Skepticism.

Life is so much better without modernism.

Gotta get all of these for our Harry Potter party next week.

You may also know him as Lemony Snicket.

I’m assuming these are fake, right? Right?

Seriously, just one million pounds? That seems low to me.

I got 8/10! (Victoriana is my jam.)

Letters About Literature: Dear Anne Frank

I respectfully disagree.

It must be hard being Muggle-born

As George Takei might say, “oh myyyy” (slightly NSFW)

More Elmore Leonard stories will be released next year.

From Friend D:

She sent me this via email with the subject line, “There’s more coverage of this than I would have thought!”

I wouldn’t have put the words “Bronson Pinchot” (yes, Balki Bartakamous himself) and “audiobook” together, but hey….

I’m proud to have been to a bunch of these (and one just last week…)

Wearable literature!

You too can wear your favorite books

There’s more to Goodnight Moon than anyone can imagine (although frankly I think that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.)

I know you want it…

From Mama Bear:

The Booker Prize longlist (no Goldfinch, take note)

From Sister A:

How Harry Potter shaped a generation

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I had wanted to read something old and familiar after a spate of new books, so I turned to Bill Bryson, as I tend to do. Then I had picked up Mannequin Girl, which was fine, and prettily written, but I wish it had focused on some other characters instead of the protagonist.  Well, you can’t have everything.


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