General miscellany


1) Whenever I prepare a storytime, I take a little slip of paper and list everything I’m going to read/sing and list it, but then I move things around, or I don’t fill in all the slots… so as part of my effort to make my storytimes run more smoothly, and, frankly, have planning go more smoothly, I made these storytime slips. You can see that I’ve finished my one for Thursday toddler time already:

photo (82)

2) I’ve joined a few local Google groups in hopes of being allowed to contribute event postings. (One of the local listservs rejected me – at the place where we do our outdoor storytime – and I honestly felt sad for a minute. Wahh! But they wrote me and said, “This listserv is only for our actual residents, but you can try…” and then named one of the ones I had already joined, so that worked out well. But it’s sad to get an email that says “You have been rejected by the Blah Blah Blah listserv.”)

I’ve posted already about a Frozen sing-along and the research class I’m co-teaching on Friday, so it would be great if we could post on these groups regularly and get some attendance from it.Coworker A, who’s now at a different branch, WAHHH, did a lot of advertising for her German storytime, and got a terrific turnout. (When people do attend programs, I’d like to start remembering to ask them how they heard about it.)

3) Just a general rant about the manner of some of our teens. I don’t remember if I wrote in a previous post about a guy who snapped at me  – “garcon!” – to get my attention, but that was seriously rude. And just today, one teen girl hissed at me. Like, “pssst psst pssst,” not in a sneaky, “pssssst!” way, but (and this is the only way I can describe it) the way that we used to try to get our cats’ attention when I was a little girl. So I went on helping the patron I was helping, and then went back and asked this patron what she needed, and I told her that there are acceptable ways to get an adult’s attention, such as saying, “Excuse me?” or “Ma’am?” And she was like, “Oh, I know how to talk to adults,” and I really wanted to say, “I don’t think you do, actually.”

The well-mannered kids are lovely and they can live at the library, for all I care. But for every great teen patron we have, I feel like we have 20 more who don’t say thank you when I hand them headphones (I have started using the “What do you say….?” with them, and I don’t care if I sound like I’m talking to six-year-olds, because if you do NOT know how to say thank you when someone gives you something, well, you need to learn.).

Okay, moving on.

4) Not one single person attended my resume workshop today. Not one. How sad. But I have made these big packets about resume writing, interviewing, work permits, cover letters, etc., and I keep them in the teen space, and they disappear quite quickly. So I guess it’s just that people don’t want to sit there and listen to me talk? (No jokes, please!)

A few links today:

Some of the deets about Insurgent.

This might be why I’m single?

All worth reading. 

Presented without comment.

Get your reading lists ready

Insert your own jokes here!

From Friend D:

Another argument for the awesomeness of YA.

Guess the old adage is wrong…

From Mama Bear:

Hm, nobody I know….

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I just finished one of the $1 books I picked up at The Strand, The Kitchen House, and cried a few times. I liked it a lot. Lots of research, well-developed characters, all kinds of juicy goodies.


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