Happy Birthday, Harry!


July 31 is a special day for children’s librarians everywhere.

It’s Harry Potter’s birthday. (It’s also J.K. Rowling’s birthday, too, but that’s secondary.)

So we planned a blowout, both in children’s and in teens. We had a ball!

Here’s me as Harry. (Minus the clothes, cape, etc., but I do love the pipe-cleaner glasses and the paintbrush wand.)


Coworker C had a great costume as Fleur Delacour (cape and hat and blue dress underneath). I forgot to ask her for her permission to post a picture of her costume, but she’s posing next to an old book cart as a Hogwarts luggage trolley to use as a “photobooth” with a sign saying “Platform 9 3/4.” A lot of parents – would you believe how many kids came in costume??? – were really excited to have a place to take their kids’ picture.


Our craft was making owl puppets, and at the end, we gave out Honeydukes bags of candy.


We even had Wizard’s Chess with the massive chess set.


It was an incredible program.

The teens had jelly beans, a cake saying “Happy Birthday, Harry!” and Harry Potter “Jeopardy!”, plus, they watched the last Deathly Hallows movie. It was certainly very different from the kids’ party, but – and I have to admit, much to my surprise – it was packed. I didn’t think that teens might be interested in a Harry Potter party, but they were! And so many of them hadn’t seen the last movie, so it was adorable to watch their reactions.

I love my job.


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