Baby Lapsit, Friday, August 1


I love babytime. I can’t lie – it’s my favorite. And I’m really not supposed to play favorites, but man, I love doing that storytime. It’s full of cuties who have no idea what’s going on – I might as well be speaking Martian and running around naked, and they’d still give me that blank stare – but who every so often clap adorably. 

Because I am silly, I forgot to take a picture of the books I used, and have subsequently forgotten them, but I did get to debut some new baby bounces. I had a stuffed gorilla on my lap to use to demonstrate, and one of the older siblings of the babies, who must have been 2 or 3, used a panda bear to pretend it was her baby. So cute.

Here are my new bounces:

Tiny Little Baby (Tune: Shortenin’ Bread)

Tiny little baby loves bouncing, bouncing

Tiny little baby loves bouncing so

Tiny little baby loves bouncing, bouncing

Tiny little baby loves bouncing so

Bounce to the left

Bounce to the right

Now hug that baby

Nice and tight!


A-Bouncing We Will Go (Tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

A-Bouncing we will go

A-bouncing we will go

High-ho the derry-o

A-bouncing we will go

Verse 2: A-rocking we will go…

Verse 3: A-tickling we will go…


Bumpin’ Up and Down (Tune: I don’t know the name of the tune, I’m sure it’s something, but here’s Raffi singing it.)

Bumpin’ up and down in my little red wagon

Bumpin’ up and down in my little red wagon

Bumpin’ up and down in my little red wagon

Won’t you be my darling?

(Bump up and down)

Verse 2: The wheels turn around on my little red wagon (Turn your hands)

Verse 3: I’m waving to my friends in my little red wagon (Wave)

It made my whole day. 


Of course Tim Burton would be doing this

The worst muse, ever.

I can’t wait to read the book, and Edgar Wright is the director of Simon Pegg’s movies, which are all terrific, so this looks to be a great matchup.

Ayn Rand + Harry Potter = not something I’d want to read.

Sent this to Mama Bear, who replied, “Clever; shows you can get a job as a smart-ass.”

More news about Paper Towns

I’ll just stick to her comedies of manners, thanks. 

Books for sisters, about sisters. 

From Friend D:

Excuse me, but I’m the only one allowed to have a fictional romance with My Birthday Twin.

From Friend E: 

Really thoughtful pairings. 

From Friend S:

Got $5m to spare? 

From Mama Bear:

It’s got to be tough to give other people the rights to your magnum opus.

The Baltimore Sun‘s review of Landline.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I was really intrigued by the Huguette Clark case when it made the news, so I very much enjoyed reading Meryl Gordon’s The Phantom of Fifth Avenue.  Also, as different from non-fiction as could be was M.T. Anderson’s Feed, which, after much thought, is better than the sum of its parts. 


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