Family Fun Time, Saturday, August 9


Hard work pays off; so do innovative ideas.

Let’s get this clear right now: I’m not going to pretend that my Family Fun Time (FFT) was the innovative idea, at least this time around.  Remember how I had a rather dismal turnout for my March FFT with the sports theme? I thought it was a good storytime, a fun and engaging one, and it was, and I decided to recycle it for this time around because I had hoped that I’d have a better turnout in the summer.

And boy, did I.

Posting our events on the local listservs and parent group sites has clearly worked out well. I had 20 attendees (that’s literally ten times the original turnout for the same FFT in March!), and the kicker is not just posting on the listservs, etc., but seeing if it works. 

I remembered to ask a lot of the parents/caregivers how they had heard about the FFT, and some said those listservs, some said the article I had put on the library’s website, and some said they had stumbled into it. So I guess Meat Loaf was right. 

Seems like the kicker is not just the posting, but remembering to follow up and see how many people are actually using it. (Also, I was doing sort of a piecemeal posting for each event, but what I think I’ll start doing from now on is posting weekly, with the full list of storytimes, events, etc. and telling people to mark their calendars.)

And now, links!

Yet another YA novel becoming a movie.

Let’s take a look at a Harry Potter/Scott Pilgrim mashup, shall we? 

This project is FOR SOME STUPID REASON in development because nobody double-tapped. #zombielandreference

Global gathering.

People are clever.

Again, people are clever.

This could be great, or this could be awful. My money’s on great. 

The Onion always gets it right.

These idiots clearly missed the point. 

In AWESOME Hunger Games news (or, more accurately, “In AWESOME Donald Sutherland news”)

From Mama Bear:

Here are more snarky book titles!


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