Toddler Storytime, Thursday, August 7


I feel like my toddler storytimes have been getting better and better since I’ve been researching developmental milestones for them. I’ve been choosing books and songs more carefully.


So I chose books with lots of repetition (I had the kids shout “NO” each time the pigeon asked to drive the bus, for instance.) I chose songs with repetition (we sang the basic verse of BINGO twice). They were really, really strong, and the kids participated MUCH more than in the past. Good times.

How about some links….

This comes first, because it is THE WORST IDEA EVER.

Lost Seussicles!

This could be a lot of fun, especially if they break out into song during the support group scenes.

If I had been a kid and you offered me a novel in verse, I would have laughed at you. But they’re becoming more popular now, and are really, really good. My favorite, mentioned in the article, is Love That Dog.

You can actually see “Reader, I married him.”

Sent this to Mama Bear with the subject line “Happy birthday to me.”

I read in bars, the bus, and bed.


From Mama Bear:

That is class.

A difficult job, rarely accomplished well.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I wish there had been more to What Has Become of You, because it was an interesting premise, but not deep enough into certain parts of the storyline. Too bad. I also finished the unsatisfying Codex.


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