Baby Lapsit Friday, August 15


I had a big group of babies today – about 30-something, I think – and am generally used to a smaller group, which I prefer. But it’s gratifying to see that there’s so much interest in babytime. 

Today’s books were good, but I was so much more in the mood for songs and bounces, so we did those. Twinkle twinkle and open shut them and other good things. Babies are so cute and so much fun. 


We have a patron in the studio right now who is CLEARLY high as a kite. Red eyes, thinks everything I say is hilarious (usually that’s a good thing, but when I am intentionally not being hilarious it’s irritating), walking into walls… the problem is, unlike in the past, we can’t smell it on him, so we can’t prove it. I didn’t want to let him in the studio, but I guess I couldn’t keep him out without being able to conclusively say that he’s been riding the pot train today.

Anyway, links.

Stolen from Coworker L’s blog.

Stolen from Coworker E’s Facebook.

Every library and bookstore should have a cat. Period.

Mockingjay promo photos!

Keep calm and remember that Miss Bingley is a total bitch and Mr. Darcy really hates her.

Remember how much I hated the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory covers? Here are some better alternatives.

From Friend A: this is a great idea. We have a whole room at our branch.

From Friend D:


He’s 25? 

A disappointing Giver review

From Mama Bear:

A bad Giver review


Sister A mentioned how nice it would be to have all of these compiled into an anthology.

More #ireadeverywhere photos (Judy Blume!)

Amazing premise, and soon to be a movie….

As usual, the book is better than the movie, but these are still worth remembering.

Poor Mallory, still getting screwed over.

She’s genius, I tell you.

Seriously? Grow up.

In What’s Annabelle reading, sometimes it can be so much fun to revisit a book you loved as a child. In The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson is no exception. Then I read The Werewolf of Pariswhich for a werewolf book was incredibly boring. I wanted a thinner book to carry around the other day, so I reread Therese Raquin again for the billionth time. That’s a winner. 


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