Happy birthday, Birthday Twin!


I know when John Green’s birthday is.

reaction animated GIF

It’s today. (Well, for another 58 minutes, anyway.)

He’s my birthday twin, so I guess you know what that means.

It means that today’s my birthday, too. And I once tweeted this fact to him and Stephen Fry, who’s also an August 24 baby, and John Green tweeted happy birthday to me. Then I did this:

Sometimes I feel what this guy feels:

Only 20 minutes, pal? This is the guy who gave us Hazel and Augustus, told us DFTBA, started the Nerdfighters, and, frankly, has become a damn rock star of YA literature.

He shares my theory on the greatest food in the universe.

He’s a man who got The Most Powerful Man in the World to say DFTBA (in the gif below, in reference to his then-unborn daughter. And by the way, they went with Alice.)

That moment when Obama told John and Sarah's unborn daughter to DFTBA. :) -- Link to gif: http://www.tickld.com/images/content/gif/10708.gif

He’s a guy I am really, really proud to share a birthday with. He’s bringing nerdy back in a big way.

You got that right, pal.

He spits out other moments of brilliance, too.

Happy birthday, Birthday Twin. You are clearly awesome.

In short, I leave you with this.

Thanks for being an strong representative of not only nerd life, but all of life, and setting the bar high on awesomeness from people born on August 24.

In conclusion,

Thank you.


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