Preschool Storytime, Friday, August 22


With all the excitement yesterday about John Green’s birthday, I realized I’d forgotten to post about my friday preschool storytime.

While I really do try to add an educational element into all my storytimes – colors, counting, zoo animals, farm animals, the alphabet, etc., – sometimes I just want to do a fun one. And so it was on Friday, when it was all Jan Thomas, all the time.


The kids had a great time with them, because they’re participatory, and the bright colors and funny words (they loved the recurring turnip theme). Any Jan Thomas book is a winner in my eyes.

Oh, and I made a new display for our Teen Space! You may not be able to see the writing as well as I’d like, but it’s a display of great YA first lines matched with the relevant book covers.


Links links links:

With all the turmoil in Ferguson, MO, it’s nice to see that there’s one place of calm.

I am a pleasant vibrator.

Muppet bookery.

What a cool idea! Wish I could go.

Another really cool idea! (All librarians do reader’s advisory, just so you know.)

“There is scandalous gossip about you. All of it is true.”

Spot on – kids don’t see diversity as an issue. Diversity is just there.

Or any time.

From Friend D:

Um, what?

From Friend E:

Some big names make book recommendations.

From Mama Bear:

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s R-rated memoir will be published.

Lately, it seems that Sherlock Holmes and intellectual property have gone hand in hand.

Vacations by the book

Friend E has been to PEI, and I’m dying to go, too.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I found In Paradise to be a rather sticky book, about a group of academics, spiritual leaders, Holocaust survivors, and random other people at a retreat at Auschwitz in 1996. It’s a short, philosophical novel that might make an interesting addition to the canon of Holocaust literature, particularly how we look at it so many years out.


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