Wonderful Ones and Outdoor Storytime, Thursday, August 28


Sometimes life does not go the way we expect it to. It’s weird like that. 

Today I filled in for a coworker and did her ones storytime at 10, and then the outdoor storytime I’d been scheduled for at 11. I cobbled together the ones storytime using books I loved, thought of some songs that might work, and hoped for the best. By contrast, I’d had my outdoor storytime planned for a few days.

I guess I don’t have to say which one went better.

My ones are a lovely group, as are the parents in that group. They’re participatory and helpful and will sing along and clap and be involved in the storytime. 


Toot Toot Beep Beep was great for automobile noises. Everyone loves the ABCs, so Alligator Alphabet worked well. And I’d done Rrralph before, with older kids, and it worked just as well with ones, because the pictures were bright and fun. Although the humor went right over their heads, the kids liked the dog noise. Plus, I had the dog puppet, and he was a hit! (I had to keep him hidden during the storytime and read Rrralph last, because I knew that if I brought out the puppet early on in the storytime, the little ones wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else.)

Thus, happy that my last-minute storytime worked out, with a light heart I headed over to our outdoor storytime. 

It was terrible.

I mean, it wasn’t incredibly awful. But I had forgotten our crucial rule of outdoor storytime – you never know what mix of ages you’re going to get. So I had brought some books I thought would be good for preschoolers, and my attendees turned out to be a daycare group of toddlers. Luckily, I had brought The Seals on the Bus and If You’re Happy and You Know It.

But the turnout was small, the books weren’t right, it was hotter than blazes, even in the shade, and, worst of all, the adults talked throughout my entire storytime. Right in front of me, bold as brass. That doesn’t make me want to be there, and it doesn’t set a great example for the kids.


I forgot to add: this is the birthday card my coworkers made me. Do they know me well or what?

photo (1)


There’s a reason zombie novels are a hit with kids. 

Clear your fall calendars…

I’ve never been a huge fan of graphic novels and/or comics, but some of the stories just couldn’t be in any other form (hello, Maus, right??? It won the damn Pulitzer in 1992, the first graphic novel to do so). Here are 25 modern superhero classics.

Or just “go away.” That also works. 

Along the same lines, all of these. (You wouldn’t believe how many guys mention libraries on a date and are surprised that they still exist, and can’t imagine why, because they don’t read, or they actually say, “Wow, why would you ever want to be a librarian?” as if I’ve said I wanted to be a child slaughterer, at which time my heart shrivels and dies just a little bit more, and then I ask for the check.)

And, frankly, here are examples of WHY the library is so awesome.

Um, no. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t fly with me. (Coworker B was aghast when I showed him this.)

This, however, is a brilliant idea. I know my library needs one. 

From Friend D:

Another one bites the dust.

Check out this scholarship! How cool is that?

Let me tell you about how amazing NYC’s Morgan Library is. A few years ago Mama Bear and I went to NYC for the day to see an exhibit on Jane Austen’s letters. It was amazing to see them, but the curators had put a lot of thought and care into the exhibition. Fabulous. Here’s one I wish I could get away to see. 

From Friend E:

Even more books to read (Amy Poehler!)

From Friend J:

Bet you didn’t see this coming (NSFW).

From Mama Bear:

Again, clear your calendars. 

In What’s Annabelle Reading, my book club was last night, and I read Middlesex for that. Always good, though with some obvious flaws. Still, worth reading. For fun – and I know I’m weird – I read a terrific biography of Charles Manson. It focused on not only Manson and his followers, but also what was going on in the culture and counterculture, and how that shaped him. I couldn’t put it down. Yeah, I know. I’m weird.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, chickadees! I’m heading off tomorrow to go camping for a loooooong weekend. Be good!


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