Working with Differently-Abled Adults


One constituency that I haven’t had much of a chance to work with has been differently-abled adults. There is an Adaptive Services section at our branch, so they’re often over there in programs, using the computers or in meetings. But the times that I have been able to work with them, I’m fascinated.

Last night, a school counselor (who happened to be blind) asked for help in finding middle-grade books about friendship. But so that she could follow along with her student, I only pulled books that we had accompanying books-on-CD for. (Sadly, none of them were available on Overdrive for download.) When I went to give her the books, she was participating in a class in Adaptive Services on how to make your iPhones voice-responsive. It was fascinating. Luckily I was off desk, so I could sit and observe. 

This morning and the other day I worked with some deaf patrons. Often we communicate through writing and even a little bit of sign and gesturing. There were some lovely teens who were so grateful for the help I gave them – that’s a first, huh? – that they insisted on writing their thanks at the bottom of the page rather than mouthing it or signing it. It was great. 

But it also made me quite aware of just how lucky I am – how much I take for granted. How easy my life is. 

Anyway, links.

Is this art?

They’re on to us!

Tastes change, I suppose.


Peeking into real lives.


Yes please!

Whoa, dude, that’s, like, totally off the chain.

Back to school better book titles. (I particularly love the grammar one…)

From Coworker W:


From Friend D:

Sad, but true. And if Ira Glass says it, people will listen. 

From Mama Bear:

This is an absolutely outrageous overreaction that should make you really, really mad. 

How do young ones think?

Language history is cool.

What a wonderful idea!

I’m not a great Pinterest user, but these people are!

It’s probably best they left this out. It’s a little dark (chocolate, heh).

I had completely forgotten about But No Elephants! This is a great list.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, while camping, I first read a book that was better than I’d expected – a historical novel called The Shadow QueenThen I read The Victorian Underworld. I love that kind of stuff. Then I read an advanced reader’s copy of Juliet’s Nurse, which blah blah blah Romeo and Juliet. I bite my thumb at it.


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