Storytime with Toddlers and Babies, September 3 and 5


This has been a tough week for me physically. I’m on a new medicine that’s making me sleepy, so I’ve been on the verge of conking out at my desk, during storytime, over my food, in front of my computer… strangely enough, the only time I got a second wind over the past few days was IN BED (preparing to watch my new Netflix obsession). So it’s been tough to keep my brain alert, and that’s been affecting me at the library.

I realize a lot with my toddler and preschool storytimes (not so much my baby and ones) that the line between the two is really thin. What will work for one won’t necessarily work for the other. 


(Sorry, the picture is a little blurry.)

As much as I love books by Doreen Cronin, much of Stretch worked, but it would have worked even better with the preschoolers. The toddlers just weren’t there yet. 

Today’s baby time was filled with tried-and-true books, and boy, are they fun. So much fun. And it was a big group, too – over 30. 

photo (1)

All winners. I even had a little boy – maybe 2 or 3? – who told me he was too old and didn’t want to be there, especially after I gave him a baby doll to rock/hold/bounce for our baby bounces, and guess who had the most fun? Of course. I love my baby time. I wish I could do it every week.

A funny story – I was chatting with one of my book club friends earlier this week, a music teacher, who teaches group music classes. It was funny how so many of the problems of my storytimes and her music classes mirrored each other: late arrivals, parents who won’t put down their iPhones or stop having side conversations, or bringing kids who are patently out of the advertised age group. It’s so nice to be able to moan about the issues I have and know that people outside the library system understand.

Oh, and an addendum to my last post, by the way.

I was walking down the hall today and saw one of our fourth-floorers (it’s easier to type “administrator,” but they are our fourth-floorers, which is how I refer to them,) and saw her signing briefly with a deaf patron. I didn’t know she could sign, and remarked that to her. She laughed, and said she really didn’t know how, but like “library Spanish,” she also knew “library signing” – a few basic words like “help,” “bathroom,” “where,” and other terms to assist the patrons. We could all use a basic course in library signing AND Spanish!

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