Random comments and observations


I’ll be doing Preschool Storytime later today, but I thought I’d blog now to put up some links and make some general observations.

1) Boss is meeting with some Ukrainian librarians today to talk about American libraries and how kids and teens use them. Pretty cool, huh?

2) Our info services team (a fancy way of saying “the people who manage our non-fiction section”) have been hosting Wednesday night movie musical sing-alongs all summer. Tonight’s offering is one of my favorite movies from childhood (shut up, I love it) and the tagline on the website and the adverts is “Microphones for the brave. Snacks for all.” Hee! They’re also having trivia before it starts, and prizes afterward for the “most spirited performance.” (Coworker K tested out the trivia on me yesterday and I answered so fast she must have thought I was a savant.) I’m definitely going – after I get out of work, I’ll grab some dinner and then come back to work. It is, as Sister A would call it, a busman’s holiday

3) Now that it’s back to school time, I’ve got to get back into the grind with our Teen Space rules – before 2:30 p.m., no one under 18 can be in Teen Space because of truancy rules, and if you’re in an alternative school or home-schooled, we need to see proof of that, thank you – and it’s amazing, truly amazing, how cranky some of the teens get when we politely, nay, pleasantly, ask for some ID or proof of age. I was just talking with a coworker about how some teens are so… and it took us a few minutes to come up with this word…. entitled. How angry they get when they find out that they’ve forfeited their studio session because they’re 45 minutes late. How they shouldn’t have to give us an ID to borrow some headphones. 

4) Coworker C put up a terrific bulletin board for Banned Books Month (September, booya, which reminds me, I should wear my bracelets all month), and it’s really quite clever:

photo (2)

Damn, why can’t I come up with stuff like that? (Zoom in if you can and look at the background of the board.) When I remember, I’ll take a picture of our Teen Space banned books display.

Now, links:

Starting in each blog, I’ll give my favorite link, whether from me or anyone else, the top spot. The one that’s the funniest, most thought-provoking, strangest, etc. This one: would kids be too young to have a thoughtful conversation about this?

Never was a fan of the books, but here are some fun facts about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I’m looking forward to reading this

Thank goodness Hilary Mantel’s having an off year…

Forgotten Dr. Seuss stories are coming out (VIDEO).

Because libraries are so much more than books…

AGAIN…. we’re more than just books….

Authors throwing shade.

Skeptical, but if it’s true, then… well… okay.

I wish we could put this up in our library.

Lois Lane deserves more than being a background character, and she’s about to hit center stage.

Too pretty to eat.

Just saying….

This is brilliant all around, but the fact that Matilda herself posted this makes it better. And you should read her stuff too – she’s a good writer.

From Friend D:

More gorgeous book cakes!

A floating library (not a cruise ship library)!

From Friend L:

Seriously, I could NOT STOP laughing at this. And the link for the 29 more had me in hysterics. (NSFW for language)

From Mama Bear:

Remember a few weeks ago when I read the biography of Baltimorean Betsy Bonaparte? A writer from Baltimore (and a graduate of my alma mater) wrote a book about her best friend.

Well, duh. 

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I love fish-out-of-water books, where people are adjusting to new situations. That’s why I really liked this. An Englishman on an American aircraft carrier? Where do I sign up? I also read The Heat of the Sun, which I’ve already forgotten about and don’t even know why I finished it, I hated it so much.


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  1. She’s a nice Baltimore girl, you know! The book was quite interesting, particularly about her life post-Jerome. Isn’t that bulletin board GREAT? I wish I had that kind of talent, man!

  2. I’m so jealous that you can do a Banned Book display! We’re not allowed to at my library because the director doesn’t want to give any of our customers the idea of challenging books. GRRRRRR

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