Happy Anniversary to MEEEEEEEE


Today is my anniversary.

My one-year anniversary at the library.

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR. A YEARRRRRRR.

This day, one year ago, I was beginning a week’s worth of orientation with my cohort of 150 other librarians, library assistants, techs, even security personnel, none of us knowing each other, wondering who we’d be placed with, what we’d be learning over the next week, and probably more than a few of us wondering what the hell we’d all gotten ourselves into.

I remember thinking, “What if this is just one big giant wrong gamble? What if I’ve left Old Job for this assumption that I think that being a librarian will be really cool? That I think this is what I want to do? And what if I’m wrong? How totally, completely, 100% screwed am I?” Then I worked myself into a rather unnecessary lather because, while these were all valid questions, I was already in too deep. Old Job had been quit, I was now a librarian, and it was just full steam ahead.

And it really was full steam ahead. I learned a long time ago that I learn best when I just jump in and go. I started my storytimes, I crafted displays, I began planning programs, and it wasn’t long before I felt like one of the team. And what a team! I must’ve asked the same questions over and over again, and not once did anyone grow impatient with me. (Well, not to my face, at least.)

TL; DR: It’s been a fast and fabulous year, and I am very happy, and very lucky. And to you, my dear readers, thank you for sticking through it with me. We’ve grown together, and we’re all still learning.

Actually, here’s a perfect story to illustrate that “still learning” part. When I was in teens before, the school group in the studio was having trouble with a piece of software on the computer; it just wouldn’t open. I’m not an expert, but I do know that the best way to resolve problems in the studio is to turn every piece of equipment off in the proper order, and then restart them all in the proper order. This works the majority of the time. So I did, and I tried opening the one piece of software.

Then I started talking to it. I petted the keyboard and crooned softly to the software. And in a room full of high school boys who probably thought I was nuts to boot.

Let me explain something: 1) Talking to inanimate objects is not considered weird at my library. We do it all the time to the stuffed animals in children’s. It’s probably not considered weird among librarians in general, but I haven’t done an exhaustive survey.  2) I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with all the equipment, as I mentioned, so I am not above a little bit of self-humiliation to get it working.

So there I am, petting the keyboard, and saying things like, “Who’s a nice ProTools? You are. Will you cooperate for me? That would be so nice of you. Come on.” And there are 5 15-year-old boys snickering behind me.

I bet you can guess what happened next. Yup, ProTools opened like a champ. And I turned around to those boys, and I was like, “Have no shame petting the equipment, boys. If it makes it work, who cares.” And they laughed, but I think it was with me more than at me.

That is how I conquered ProTools. Mama Bear always says that you catch more flies with honey, so…!

Links for today:

In the top spot: From Mama Bear: why YA fiction speaks to everyone.

Slightly NSFW: What Forever taught us about sex. (Everything.)

The people at The Toast are too, too clever. (Stolen from Friend J’s Facebook wall.)

I got Nicolas Flamel!

Tropic of Cancer! (Mama Bear got that too.)

From Friend D:

Women don’t get enough credit in the comic-slash-graphic novel world. Here are some who should. A fascinating read.

From Mama Bear:

I don’t lend out books anymore. Period. 

So pretty.

In What’s Annabelle Reading: I tried reading The Luminaries, but it was like slogging through concrete. Now I understand why some people just don’t like Austen. It won the Man Booker prize for a reason, but I suppose it’s just not my cup of tea. I also read Chris Bohjalian’s Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, and it’s grossly miscategorized by not being labeled YA. Have tissues handy.


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