Baby Lapsit, Friday, September 26


Babytime babytime babytime yay!

We had lovely children today. Lots of babies. I had a few “volunteers” be my baby bouncers (not club/velvet rope/earpiece bouncers, I mean baby bounces) and my Pete’s a Pizza pizzas, which is so much better than using a doll, which I usually do.

photo (3)

Other recent highlights of work:

* Having a big brother latecomer to storytime today being disappointed that he missed the Hokey Pokey, so we did our own, just the two of us, after storytime was over, and he was so happy. His dad was really happy too. It was fun, and made me feel good.

* Discussing the differences between Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” with two teenage boys. Granted, I had never seen the “Anaconda” video – I have since, and that’s now something that I can’t unsee. Dear chickadees, please spare yourselves and don’t watch it! – but we discussed how big of a role sampling should play in a song and how much of it should be original. It was a productive and interesting discussion. I did not, however, reveal to the boys that I knew all the words, because a) that would have scared them, and b) it would not have been appropriate library language.

How ’bout some links?

The number one spot goes to: R.L. Stine. Because FEAR STREET is back!

Number two has to go to these clever folks who wrote Shakespearean versions of modern songs. Brills.

Secrets from Hogwarts!

Wise words.

Because there aren’t enough. (Great title, by the way.)

I originally posted this with a boatload of expletives on FB. But Friend R, writer that she is, managed to express her befuddlement more gracefully: “Did she manage to do something worse than actually banning the book? Not that I am condoning book banning…but why rip it to shreds and tear out its heart and soul?”

Quick, someone teach me how to sew.

Are you a fast reader? I am, and I’m not sure whether I’m proud of that or not. (Extra points if you guess the text from which the sample text is excerpted.)

It may look like a random bit of wire, but….

So reading Harry Potter reduces prejudice. I coulda been a scientist. (I coulda been a contenda! I coulda been somebody instead of a bum.)

From Friend D:

Banned on the page? Take it to the screen.

Don’t forget that Lois Lowry gave us more than The Giver. She gave us Anastasia.

Doesn’t it seem appropriate that Wonder Woman was influenced by Margaret Sanger? It does indeed.

From Friend L:

I scored somewhere in the 60s, I think. (In other words, not scandalous enough.)

SNAPECHAT (there’s almost nothing better than mashing up Mean Girls and Harry Potter.

From Mama Bear:

These are amazing, and this is a real book. (Coworker W makes a chocolate cake that is honestly the best I’ve ever had. It’s soft and delicious and moist and chocolatey, and we call it her Bruce Bogtrotter cake. #Matilda)

If Neil Gaiman describes you as angry, run with it.

NSFW, but You Have to Fucking Eat.

Not sure how long these will last, but today’s the last day of Banned Books Week.

Gosh, I love my hometown.

I may have posted about these before, but now they’re a book!

More banned books. (Great timing, guys.)

Wouldn’t this be great?

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I mentioned a few posts ago how much I enjoyed Grasshopper Jungle. I just read another of Andrew Smith’s books, Winger and boy, does Smith seem to get adolescents. I can’t speak about what’s in boys’ heads, but it rang true and honest to me. I really enjoyed it, and want to read more. I also read a children’s book (mostly on my commute to work today) called Prisoner 88, and liked it for a completely different reason.  Oddly sweet.


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