Toddler Storytime, Wednesday, October 1


When you have a large storytime, it means that it’s well-attended, popular, and that children, parents, and caregivers are out in force (or else it’s raining, like it was here today). But I love small storytimes. I had a small group of regulars today, and everyone worked well together.


I’ve used Look Whooo’s Counting before, because the repetition is great for this age group. By the end of the book, some of the kids were counting on their fingers with me. Success! (The description in Worldcat isn’t great – from page to page, the number to count grows, so on the first page you count to one, then on the next page to two, then to three, so it’s building.) I loved it. We had fun trying to come up with animal noises in Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear(do YOU know what a peacock says???) and, instead of Trick or Treat, which was cute, since the kids were getting wriggly, I did Caps for Sale.

In between the books, I did a poem about pumpkins, because now that it’s October, I am using my full storytime authority to get ready for Halloween, because it is my favorite library holiday and I’m making the most of it. So using my incredible artistic ability (*snort*), I cut out some friendly-looking pumpkins – try finding that on the internet – and glued them to construction paper, with some velcro on the back to stick to felt, and found a great pumpkin poem online, and I’ll do it at least twice each storytime in October.

IMG_1677 (1)

Surprisingly, the kids were really into it. I showed them the pumpkins, and we counted them, and then I stuck them onto the felt and we counted them again, and I read the poem, sticking them on the felt one by one. At the end, I told them that when they saw me next, we’d do the poem again.

IN OTHER VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! It’s official: Sister A and I have booked our tickets, reserved our hotel, and we’re going to Florida in November – just before Sister A’s birthday, not a coincidence – to…. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We are BEYOND excited. There will be pictures and tales and incredible stories to share, don’t you worry.

Some links, because I have to save some for storytime tomorrow:

In the top spot, from Mama Bear, because this is also exciting news.

From Friend D:

Haters gonna hate, which as a slogan I think sums up Banned Books Month very well.

Haters gonna hate, part deux.

Haters gonna hate, part trois, and apparently the problem with Harry Potter is that Harry, Hermione, and Ron aren’t always respectful. Let that sink in.

Haters gonna hate, part quatre, because kids shouldn’t know about mortality?

From Friend L:

Mmmm, smells yummy.

From Sister A:

Need home decorating ideas?

In What’s Annabelle reading, I read The Actress as an ebook, which was fluffy, and poorly disguised (an ingenue is plucked from obscurity and by and marries a superpopular A+++ action star who isn’t hiding his homosexuality well – I read it as, well…. without naming names, that girl whose name rhymes with Patie Lomes who was on that popular 90s teen show and a guy who was in a movie that rhymes with “Fission Limgossbile”… I’m sure you can read between the lines.)


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