STEAM Team, October 5


It frustrates the living crackers out of me when I prepare a program on a topic I think is pretty cool, with some neat visual aids – thanks, YouTube – and then people don’t come. I had, I think, 5 today? I would love to have so many people that the tables would overflow. That I wouldn’t have enough supplies. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful problem to have? Wouldn’t that just be great???


Today would have been Louis Lumiere’s 150th birthday, so me and my 5 talked about the early days of cinema, and I showed them the video of the train arriving at La Ciotat, and the baby being fed, and the men in the sea, and the kids particularly liked hearing (the probable legend of) how the audience thought the train might come out of the screen, or they might get splashed by the water on the screen. Then we made flip books! Mine came out terribly, but the kids seemed to have a good time.

I can promote all I like with flyers and on listservs and the web, but I wish I knew how to get attendance up higher.

Lotsa links.

In the top spot: Get ready to ovulate, ladies!

I’m not opposed to bribery…

Depends on who’s starring in it.

Well, duh.

Gaskell was one of my special ladies – I focused on her during my time abroad and my graduate school writing.

From Friend C, a librarian in DC:

Her coworker wrote this interesting blog post on incorporating yoga (!) into library programs. A damn good idea, I think.

From Friend D:

You bet your bottom we won’t. For comparison, I tell parents all the time that I can neither confirm nor deny if their minor child has been in the library today. Personal information? Nope.

“I thought I’d killed enough teenagers. But then I thought it’d be fun to kill teenagers again.”

I’m just going to say it: I have always, always, always hated The Giving Tree. There. I said it. Go ahead and judge me.

A chat with Gillian Flynn.

Amazing letterhead! (Tone it down a bit, Harpo.)

Slang isn’t new, you know.


From Library School Friend D:

How’s your vocabulary? I took it after having had a strong margarita, so I didn’t do as well as I’d like.

From Mama Bear:

Like I need another reason to love London.

From a small town near my parents’ house. I guess Sister A and I don’t need to head to Orlando now, huh?

From Friend T (see her excellent reading recommendation below):

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge! I’ve read 131. I like the variety.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I very much enjoyed a recommendation from Friend T, The Martian, which is very very science-y and math-y, but made me feel as if I were on Mars with our stranded hero, Mark Watney. I read it and felt quite happily geekbrainy. (Apparently a movie adaptation is in the works with Matt Damon.) In an abrupt about face, I went from that to new release The Good Girl, which has apparently been compared to Gone Girl, an accurate comparison I can see only in the fact that the two books share the word “girl” in the title. A shallow kidnapping caper with a twist a blind man could see coming. Meh.


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