Toddler Storytime, Wednesday, October 22


Who would have thought that a rainy Wednesday would have provided one of my favorite storytimes ever?

Rain throws off our days. Adult sections not so much, but for children and teens, yes. For instance, most of our toddler and preschool storytimes are composed of daycares, so if it’s a rainy morning, it’s a solid bet that attendance at those storytimes will be thin.

And they were – for a while I thought I wouldn’t have anyone at all at my toddler storytime. But there had been two toddlers hanging out, so I suggested we have a short one, with a few songs and just a few of the books I’d picked. Why head into the storytime room, either? It would be too big for just the few of us, so we chose a cozy corner of the early literacy room, just the three of us and the relevant adults, and started off with some songs and Freight Train. (In a nice coincidence, one of the little boys was a train enthusiast, so he was ultra-stoked to be there today.)


I pulled out our extra board book copies of Freight Train so that everyone could read along individually. We did our “Five Little Pumpkins” poem, sang Old McDonald, and read/sang The Whistle on the Trainwhich was a HUGE hit. It’s a pretty pop-up book, and I can’t wait to find an excuse to use it again.

By the end of storytime, there were about 7-8 little ones with their grownups, all snuggled up together, and it was a pleasure to do something different. I received a lot of compliments, too, on changing it up a bit. I guess we can thank Mother Nature for that, even though just 30 minutes before I’d been shaking my fist at her.


This is my life.

I’m going to bug you about this…

From Friend D:

You know what, if JKR wants to do this, well, you know what, she can do it, because she’s amazing.

Patron privacy is of the utmost importance. Period. I, Any librarian worthy of the title, should respect that. (That article reminds me of this, which I just saw the other day.)

From Mama Bear:

Get a life, people….

I don’t think “quirky” is a new thing, but if it becomes a trend, that’s okay by me…

What idiot would complain about this? Seriously!? This is my DREAM. I’d happily snuggle up with the latest bestseller, make a nice little pillow with some of the stuffed animals in the children’s section, and fall asleep happily reading. In the morning, when the staff came to open up, I’d go, “Oh, hello, any place I could get a cuppa around here?” They’d apologize profusely, which I’d wave off, and they would probably press a pasty, a cup of tea, and free books into my hand, all of which I would graciously accept. I tell you – it’s my dream.

And then Waterstones showed they had a sense of humor about it.

From Sister A:

No thanks.


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