Halloweenies 2014


It’s Halloween! Doctor Annabelle at your service.


(The lab coat is Daddio’s, from his first lab rotation, so that coat is older than I am. Add some scrubs, the pretend stethoscope from the early literacy room, and boom, a costume.)

Saturday, November 1 was our big Halloween party. Nothing like getting kids hopped up on sugar after they’ve finally come down from the night before

Last year we’d had about 125 attendees at the party, and prepared for about 150. But due to some weather concerns and another free event in my city, we had about 110. So we have a lot of candy left over. Oh dear! I mean, not that I’m complaining.

Our activities were: bingo, trivia, bag decorating, ghost decorating, and song and storytime. (I read Little Goblins Ten, which I had read the other day, and it worked even better, and did my Five Little Pumpkins rhyme that I’ve been doing since, literally, the first day of October.)  The party ran from 2 – 4, and at 3 we trick-or-treated around the second floor of the library, and the kids could pick up some candy but also some pencils, bookmarks, and tattoos. It was fun, messy, and tiring.

But then we have that nasty little drawback of post-Halloween: the let’s skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas syndrome. It’s becoming more common in the past few years. Have you seen this meme below in your Facebook feed, my chickadees?


This morning, we swapped out all of the Halloween books for not only the Thanksgiving books – that I was prepared for; it made sense – but also the Hanukkah books AND the Christmas books. It’s November 2! It’s a little early for me.

Some Halloweeny links.

In the obvious first place spot, let’s learn a little bit more about the odious Dolores Umbridge.

Authors’ Halloween costumes.

Ranking the Goosebumps books.

From Friend D:

So many little facts we learn in the Harry Potter books.

From Mama Bear:

Now that it’s November, it’s NaNoWriMo. (I just made a new display in Teens on NaNoWriMo – I’ll have to take a picture of it.)

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I was between books, so I pulled out Sex With the Queen, because you know I love royal history, and it’s so much fun. Then, because I’m one of the world’s great introverts, I picked up The Introvert’s Way, which was super-interesting, not so much because it told me what it’s like being an introvert – this, I knew – but how to make the most of my introverted tendencies out in the world. In that respect, it was eye-opening, and fun to read. I’m in the middle of a fascinating work of fiction that I can’t wait to share with you all, so I’m turning off the Ravens/Steelers game (and not a moment too soon, at halftime), and heading off to read it some more. Good night!


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  1. Our thanksgiving books have been out since Oct 1. Christmas books are coming out now as well but we have a schedule to follow as to when things should come out. The Christmas books coming out doesn’t bother me since I used to work retail, I’m used to it. Our winter books have been out for about a week and a half already but that’s largely because almost all of our Halloween books got checked out.

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