Preschool, Wednesday, October 29 and Toddler, Thursday, October 30


Because I’m a big dork, I didn’t take any pictures of  my Thursday toddler books. My bad.  But both storytimes were Halloween themed – more on our Halloween party in the next post – sorry, I’m behind a few days, it’s been a LONG weekend.

For the Preschoolers on Wednesday, I was so excited to wear my new shirt.


(Had to explain it a bit, but there you are.)

So naturally, I had to read the corresponding book.


It’s always a winner. The kids really enjoyed The Halloween Kid and Monsters Party All Night Long. It was a fun time.

The next day was my preschoolers, which was not so fun. The storytime itself, with Sweets and Treats, Who Goes Out on Halloween, and Little Goblins Ten were all good books.

And at the end, I had to say a few words to the daycare provider who had fallen asleep multiple times. REALLY?? That’s just lousy. The kids may fall asleep, yeah, but when a day care provider does, that’s not cool with me. It’s rude. I’m sorry, but it is. And then she got rude with me, and I was over it.



In the top spot this week, I would be REALLY excited if this happened. (Also, it’s not a children’s book, not a YA book, just saying.)

I’d get this more if I’d ever read the play. (I wasn’t/still am not a big Shakespeare fan.)

Worth thinking about.

Halloween better book titles…

I don’t have the five years of experience, or else I’d apply!

James Franco’s reading list. One of the most pretentious things I’ve ever read in my life.



The first look at the Bennets in P&P&Z.

From Former Coworker A:

How the American Girl line isn’t so innovative anymore.

From Friend D:

This might put you off egg salad for a while.

You know how I feel about Poe’s Grave and the Poe Toaster, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that my senior prom was held at Westminster Hall. Slightly morbid, but still cool. Ever toured a crypt in a sequined dress? Didn’t think so.

From Friend E:

Cuteness, as she put in the subject line of her email.

Not technically, but there once was a guy I was on a date with who didn’t know who Jane Austen was (COME ON) and I just couldn’t. Because… come on.

From Mama Bear:

This gets me excited about my upcoming trip with Sister A!

The power of Gone Girl and strong female characters. (Warning: spoilers)

Halloween post up next, chickadees.


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