Wednesday, November 26 – Preschool Storytimeun


I make the plans, but Mother Nature undoes them.

(Happy post-Thanksgiving, all! Hope you had a nice weekend. I was too lazy to post this post, so I’m doing it now.)

We had quite a day full of weather, with all kinds of unwelcome cold moisture coming from the sky, so as you can imagine, turnout was poor. My preschool storytime turned into a toddler storytime of about 4, but it actually turned out well: with the four children and three adults that I had, I could use my Today is Monday flannels (3+4 = 7, as in 7 days of the week) and everyone got to hold one. That makes everyone happy, getting to participate.

I also learned that whenever there are non-English speakers, they can still find ways to participate, and I can still find ways to bring them in. Everyone laughs when you pretend to slurp a bowl of soup.

Other books we used were The Whistle on the Train, a pretty pop-up, which has now become a tradition whenever I have a small group. I love treating a small group to the pleasures of being up close and personal with a book they wouldn’t normally get to see during a storytime.


This obviously is our top link, because any link that has the words “Shakespeare,” “folio,” and “discovered” in it is a BFD.

Texts from the HP world.

The correspondence alone is worth the visit.

Oh, Zelda

Another entry under the heading “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

From Friend A:

Libraries: what can’t they do?

From Friend D:

Quick bursts of Hemingway.

B&N’s plan to boost holiday sales is quite a smart one.

Oh, #21.

Happy belated, LMM!

Buy me all of these! ALL OF THEM!

From Friend L:

Want. All.

From Mama Bear:

There’s a present on here for everyone.

Even President Obama likes bookstores.

Famous first lines… rewritten.

I don’t think Dr. Seuss would disagree, honestly.

It’s not a children’s book, that’s for sure.

In which Annabelle’s grinchy heart grew two sizes that day. (And my Birthday Twin showed some real class, as always.)

Because Mama Bear knows where that grinchy heart of mine lives.

From Sister A:

A British take on the 100 best children’s books.

Why Michael Morpurgo (of War Horse fame) loves libraries.

When in doubt, choose Jane Austen.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished Shadow of Night while I was home for Turkey Day, and I’ve started the third in the trilogy. So good. I’d be reading more during my commute this week, but I’m listening to my first podcast ever, and I’m hooked. (Serial, if you’re interested. You should be.)


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