Preschool Storytime, Wednesday, December 3


Today’s storytime was one of those that just flowed on a wave of smoothness, coming ashore on the tide of everyone being happy and engaged and goofy. It was a cohesive, participatory, this-is-how-we-do-it storytime. (Throw your hands up and listen to what the party says. Sorry, it’s 1997 in my head right now.)


IMG_1908 2

All of today’s books were winners, especially with the adults. These books had one tie in common – that they were all infused with a lot of adult humor, making them enjoyable for kids, but making them palatable for the grownups who’d be reading them 80328492384 times to their little ones. Hug Machine and Jeremy Draws a Monster were both first-time choices for me that I’ll for sure be using again. There’s even a sequel to the latter, The Monster Returns.)

Rrralph is a fun one, too, especially when you bring in a dog puppet. Oh, my, do these kids love their puppets. Everyone wanted a chance to pet or hug Rrralph, except for a few who weren’t quite sure whether Rrralph was real and/or friendly. (Spoiler: he is friendly, but not real.) At the end of storytime, he gave all the little ones a “doggy kiss” on their cheek, and the kids could give him a hug if they liked. As they left the room, he “woofed” goodbye.

I love my job.


In the top link of the day, I’ve definitely signed up for this (temporary, alas) tattoo chain.

Poor Charlie Brown. Don’t worry, we don’t hurt your loved ones till the fifth overdue book.

Been here! And I made lots of ham-on-rye jokes.

My coworkers and I agreed this is the best present to buy for your librarian or bookworm friends.

Sometimes the right book at the right time can work wonders.

A first look at the Insurgent trailer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Samantha FTW.

You can love this tweet because my Birthday Twin is tweeting JKR. Or you can love it because JKR talks openly about her Harry Potter swag. Either way,  you win.

From Friend D:

Even Sherlock Holmes wrote on cigar ashes. 

There are a lot of significant problems with this list. I mean, NORA ROBERTS from my home state? WHAT? Not H.L Mencken? What’s the criteria? Number of books sold? Most money made? I don’t get it.

In Cold Blood is another one of those American lit. books that I missed while worshiping at the temple of Austen. I should read it someday.

Harry Potter tells us a lot about a lot of things. Now, our brains.

From Library Friend D:

This mug sums up my feelings on idiots and their punctuation mistakes. Warning – language. (Bonus: it’s British!)

From Friend E:

Tsundoku is my life.

From Mama Bear:

Why do I feel that I keep reading this article all. the. time.

In other news about racism, if the words are removed, is it like they were never there? Where’s the teachable moment? (I think the Warner Brothers’ disclaimer about offensive mid-century cartoons is actually perfect.)

More drama from the Sendak estate. 

Thanks for always reading my blatherskite, chickadees.

The people have spoken.

Because of course they do. They should. They’re going to have to sooner or later.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I’m still working my way through The Book of Life



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