Baby Lapsit, Friday, December 5


I love my babies, yada yada yada, they’re so cute, moving on. You’ve heard this before, so no reason to keep gushing.


It was smooth sailing all the way (two smooth, easy storytimes in one week? What’s going on? Should I be listening for the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen?), but had one hilarious moment of confusion when I got to Two Little Monkeys. I had monkey puppets – it’s apparently puppet week, boys and girls! – on my hands, and realized turning the pages would be like turning pages with oven mitts on. Luckily, one parent* got up and offered to be my page turner. What luck. It worked nicely.

* This is the parent who, often (and I’m not sure if I mentioned this) would come in with his kids, take zero interest in the proceedings, and often open a book and read it right in front of me while storytime was going on. To say that I was gobsmacked by the eagerness with which he offered to turn the pages today would be an understatement.


The top spot goes to a revolutionary idea, sent from Friend P: libraries lending hotspots.

Dirtbag Shakespeare: The Tempest

Sadly, I often find myself doing readers’ advisory for parents with absent children based on their children’s genders. I would love to have that NOT be a factor.

Always my outcome on every Choose Your Own Adventure book, no matter which path I chose.

From Friend E:

Jacqueline Woodson (and recent National Book Award winner) writes on a painful topic.

From Mama Bear:

Who wouldn’t love an original Geisel hanging in the living room?

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished The Book of Life and thus the All Souls trilogy. It gave me a slight book hangover from the number of the characters (can there be some additional books about some of the peripheral characters, please?) and the history and the depth of the story. It’ll take some time and other books to clear my head.


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