It’s a holiday!


Today is a very special day.

Celebrated by people the world over.

A holiday celebrating the bringing of light to people in darkness. (By sheer coincidence, tonight’s also the first night of Hanukkah.)

So what is the holiday to which I refer?

It’s Jane Austen Day!

And it’s not just some random group that has decreed this day the holy of holies.  Jane Austen Centre says so, so it is. (The JAC is based in Bath, England, where I studied abroad. I spent a lot of time over there doing Jane-related stuff.)

To celebrate today, here are some moments of wit and wisdom from Jane.

Want to read The Books, but not sure of what order? Begin at the beginning, with Sense and Sensibility.

I have one of these, as all devotees of Jane should. (New in the box, because, obviously.)

At some point, I will join these hardy folk.

If you love Jane, and the history of Janealia (? is that what I mean? I don’t know), Goucher College, in my hometown of Baltimore, has the largest collection of Jane Austen books, memorabilia, etc. in North America. It’s amazing. (Mama Bear and Sister A are both alumnae, but I promise I’m not biased on that score. This is solely about Jane.)

On a personal note, Austen has been one of those authors I keep gravitating back to, when I just can’t decide what to read, when I’m cranky or sad or frustrated or happy or quiet or joyous, when I want comfort in the familiar, when I’m sick and need some literary chicken soup, and when I feel like coming home to a friend.

Happy birthday, Jane!



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