Toddler Storytime, Wednesday, January 7


There wasn’t a huge toddler turnout to speak of today, since it was blasted cold out. So I had four little ones and their adults, and we had a nice little cozy time.


We read I Went Walking with the accompanying flannels I made, and I asked my little ones to make the animal noises and pick up the flannel animals they see in the book. We sang “Did you ever see…” with the flannel things that fly – bees and birds and butterflies, etc., and finished up with The Seals on the BusThat’s a fun one – it works really well in groups, because I often talk to the kids about what it might be like to see a tiger driving the bus, or how loud it might be if monkeys got on the bus, or if they would like to be around slithering snakes.

With books like The Seals on the Bus, with lots of verses and interesting pictures, there lots of ways you can read it:

1) Straight through (if everyone’s attentive)

2) Straight through but skip some of the verses (if the little ones are restless)

3) Briefly mentioning the animals on each page before singing the verses (“Oooh, look, a tiger! The tiger on the bus says…”

4) Lingering over the animals on each page before singing the verses (“Wow, look at those monkeys! What noises do you think the monkeys will make? Are monkeys loud or quiet? Will they be sitting still or moving around? Let’s see! The monkeys on the bus say…”)

With a very small group, I had a great time doing #4, taking my time with them. I did an abbreviated story time anyway, since I waited a little bit longer after the start time to see if there would be anyone else joining us, but I don’t blame parents for not venturing out into the cold!

Also, we discovered this in one of our biographies about Martin Luther King, Jr. today. We’re going to let our acquisitions person know; if it were me, I’d suggest withdrawing all copies in all libraries from the system:


I mean, come on. How hard is it to actually fact-check before you publish? Just Google it. I did. Google “martin luther king jr. birthday” and every answer you get will be January 15.

How did this get published in the first place?

I swear.


In today’s top spot: I truly have nothing against e-Readers. If that’s how people prefer to read, well, they’re still reading, so who cares? I personally just prefer actual books. This article, though, surprised the socks off of me.

Please ignore how poorly written the article is, but it does give a sense of what large urban libraries can be like.

From Friend D:

A sweet vignette about storytelling.

From Friend J:

Oh, The Onion. You always get it right.

From Mama Bear:

I know Friend E is doing #12.

#11, particularly, and for that book. When I asked Mama Claus two years ago for The Perks of Being a Wallflower for Hanukkah – and yes, I know it’s for Hanukkah and I call her Mama Claus, deal with it – and this year for Gone Girl, I specifically requested the original covers because the movie covers are just not okay.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid! HEEEE!

From Sister A:

My Feedly just exploded with all of these.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished the sequel to Julie of the WolvesJulie, and it was as wonderful as I’d hoped it would be. I’m sorry I didn’t read it sooner. Then I read a book called Ellis Island, which was fine, except it really wanted to be a Maeve Binchy book, which no book can ever be if it was not written by Maeve Binchy, and it should not have tried to be.


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