Reaching out, touching me, touching youuuuuu


I love the chance to do outreach. I know that sounds weird, but I do. I love the chance to get out into the area around the library – the surrounding metro area, I mean – and have the chance to talk up our programs, hand out some swag, and share the mission of the library with schoolkids, or at festivals, or wherever else we happen to be.

This weekend was our city’s annual health expo, and the library had a booth there. I worked there on Sunday afternoon, in the convention center, and fully expected that I’d be sitting on my bottom, reading my book, while people walked by the booth, looked at me and our papers/swag/library stuff askance, and asked themselves, “Why does the library have a booth here?” (Which is a perfectly logical question, frankly.)

The expo was sponsored by our local NBC affiliate, and there were booths from gyms, health supplements, yoga studios, activewear, and even groups not even in our area. (For instance, our booth was next to the Pear Bureau of the Northwest. They gave out slices of pear, and slipped us pears at the end of the day to take home, bless them.) It was mobbed. Busier than I would have expected.

And so was our booth.

I’m not kidding.

I barely sat down during my four-hour shift. Seriously. It was bananas. We signed up boatloads of people for library cards (I think the total for both days, 16 hours, was about 150 new cards). We handed out swag – crayons, pens, temporary tattoos, snack boxes, lunchbags, shopping bags, bookmarks, sudoku games, and more that I can’t remember – and talked about our programs, and where to find information, reading lists, music to download, books to put on reserve, and hours on the website.

(Kids who wanted extra prizes were asked why the library had a booth at the expo, and I accepted two answers: one, that you can find books on exercise, or healthy eating, or healthy cooking, etc., at the library, or two, that exercise keeps your body healthy, but reading keeps your mind/brain healthy.)


(Of course, my trip to the expo wasn’t entirely altruistic. For my 2014-2015 work goals that I have been officially assigned, doing three instances of outreach is one of them. So that’s one out of the way, but, again, in no way was it a chore. I enjoyed every minute.)


In the top spot, congratulations to Jane!

“Am I a gadabout?”

I have an alibi for this, I swear. (NSFW: language.)

Sometimes the fandom blows the mind.

ALWAYS consult the staff. Libraries take many different forms now, but the quickest way to pissing off the staff is not asking them what kind of library they want!

From Mama Bear:

Some sweet memories about growing up with Paddington.

Her subject line was, “THE HEADLINE MAKES MY HEAD EXPLODE.” (But we have lots of his books – apparently he’s a halfway decent writer! I wouldn’t know, but…)

Gaiman fans and Whovians rejoice!

Two Doctor Who references in one blog post? It’s your lucky day, chickadees! Here we have the Doctors, Seuss-style.

Quite well-rounded, thank you, Buzzfeed.

Forgive this slight detour into Baltimore, but here’s an article about the history of Goucher College’s historic copy of Emma

From Sister A:

How many of these have you been to? I’ve been to just one so far…


In What’s Annabelle Reading, I’m sorry to say that I broke one of my cardinal reading rules: Never see a movie before you read the book. However, I’m happy to report that I enjoyed both immensely: Unbroken. Laura Hillenbrand is a wizard with words, and I only wish I had learned about the incredible late Louie Zamperini much earlier. (Friend E and I saw the movie on Christmas.) Read it.


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