or Preschool and Toddler Storytimes, Wednesday and Thursday


Goodness golly gracious me, but the week flies by. I don’t know how it happens.

The storytimes this week were polar opposites. My Wednesday preschoolers were few in number and rowdy rowdy. Couldn’t sit still, doing somersaults on the mats, and not even close to being interested in the books. (I have to learn to stop taking overactive preschoolers’ opinions personally.)


I had read Jeremy Draws a Monster to a very interested preschool group recently, and mentioned that there was a sequel, The Monster Returns. The two books are so short that I can read them both (with a song in between, of course). I had planned on reading other books, too, but it was not in the cards with this group. These are good books for talking about manners, friends, and kindness.

My toddlers on Thursday were just the opposite. I had a full house of active participants, focused on the songs and the books and fingerplays.


My new book for the toddlers was Dinosaur Vs. Bedtimewhich I’d read and laughed at on my own, but hadn’t yet used for the kids. The adults liked it more than the kids, but everyone enjoyed it.

The new fingerplay that I did with both groups was “Five Little Monkeys,” which is new to me but not the rest of the world. Everyone knew it already – whether from my fellow librarians or schools, I don’t know. It’s pretty easy.

We use one hand as monkeys, and the other hand as an alligator mouth. No flannels needed, although you can certainly make them. The poem goes as follows:

Five little monkeys sitting in a tree / Teasing Mr. Alligator / “Can’t Catch me!”

Along Comes Mr. Alligator / Quiet as can be / And snaps that monkey / Out of that tree! 

Four little monkeys…

Three little monkeys… (etc.)

For the first stanza, just wave your hand around with the “monkeys” on it. For the second stanza, use your alligator mouth and grab the first available monkey on “snaps.” Then for each sequential verse, only have that number of fingers up for that number of monkeys: four, three, two, and one. Once there were no monkeys left, I pretended to start the next verse, but was “surprised” when there were no fingers on my hand sticking up. The kids laughed. I love it when kids laugh at me. Or with me. Either one. I found it worked equally well with both groups.

Muchos linkos today.

In the top spot, the best thing I think Buzzfeed has ever written, ever ever. Truly.

I won’t argue with this, but as long as people are reading, I don’t care which format they prefer.

Better late than never.  (This is my life.)

If you’re a Downton Abbey fan – and if you’re not, why not? – here are some books to enrich your viewing. (I have read and can recommend both To Marry an English Lord and Below Stairs.)

I got P&P, because obviously.

Washington, DC’s main library has a punk archive! That is so cool!

From Friend D:

I might get a Happy Meal just for my own copy of Pete the Cat.

So proud that my hometown is represented in the first slide.

25 things you might not know about Harry Potter, presented by my Birthday Twin.

You can never improve upon a classic – even in jest – so please just do not even try.

Borrowed from Friend M’s FB:

Mazel tov!

From Mama Bear:

A lovely chat with Michael Bond, Paddington Bear’s Papa Bear.

A fitting accolade for my Birthday Twin.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, not since Harry Potter and the One Where Dumbledore Dies have I cried in public while reading a book. The non-crying streak has now been broken, thanks to Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms by Katherine Rundell. Other than making me well up and sniffle on the bus to work, it was a delight, with a protagonist I won’t forget in a long time.


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