Neither rain nor sleet nor snow…


shall keep our library from being open!

(Although it shall make Annabelle a little cranky about closing tonight.)

I mean, I don’t mind the weather. It’s not so bad here, but I am a little worried about going home later tonight, in the snow, or freezing rain, or whatever else is coming down from the sky, and did I mention the black ice yet? There’s that, too.

But we are open, and we’re a warming center for the homeless, and we’ll stay open to serve the patrons as long as we need to.

Still, a snow day would be a nice treat.

In other news, last week I led a small tour of developmentally disabled high schoolers around the library, and they were so sweet. We had a good time, looking at all the aspects of the library, from the books to the computers, from the art installations to the 3D printers. They thought everything was fascinating, and I taught them how to do a simple search on the computer to find books. At the end of the visit, they received their first library cards, and they were really happy.

I’ll admit that I’m getting frustrated with my teen programming. I’m trying to be cool – hold your comments, please – and think like a teen, but I’m not sure what else to do. That same day that I gave the tour, I showed a movie for a teen program (it was the anniversary of the beheading of King Louis XVI of France, so I showed Marie Antoinette, which I thought was appropriate). A cool movie, right? Neat costumes, great music selections, a hip cast… so I figured teens would like it, right? Wrong. I had three – 1, 2, THREE – attendees. What am I doing wrong? I’m not sure. Gotta think on that.


For our top spot today: I never thought of this. BRILLIANT.

This is what I do as a librarian. I didn’t write it, but i could have.

An original! You know, written in ancient Greek, the kind that would be sold in 850 BCE. Idiots.

Let’s just agree right now that JKR is a genius.

I never would have guessed this would be so popular! A baby boomer thing? A nostalgia thing for fans of the show?

As you know, I will be fine with this.

Love the book, but never thought about it quite like this…

Cat, hat, in French, chat, chapeau. In Spanish, a gato in a sombrero.

Would you want to be the guy who has to respond to her? I wouldn’t.

Another addition for the “people are weird, and weird people congregate in libraries” file.

So pretty!

From Friend D:

Pony up, folks. This is a collection worth saving.

One should always have Jane Austen tattoos, no?

This is a terrific list. It mentions Doctor Who, and a lot of Simpsons, so… obviously.

How do you lose his bones? What?

From Friend P:

It’s never to late to learn about MLK – especially since February is Black History Month…

From Mama Bear:

Remember that this is a man who always said he didn’t write for children. That being said…

From Sister A:

After the Jacqueline Woodson watermelon debacle, I’m not sure I can get behind him, but he did mention Beverly Cleary, so there’s that.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I had jury duty last week, so I managed to get through some books in a flash. First, I went back to a book I love so hard and love more every time I read it. (And in good news, Ernest Cline is writing a sequel!) Next, after the crying-on-the-bus debacle of Katherine Rundell, I read her other book, Rooftoppers, another children’s book, and was equally charmed, though my tear ducts stayed dry. Next, as an ebook I read what I think might be the only Ben Mezrich book I had yet to read, The Accidental Billionaires – the movie version, Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network is quite good.

Finally, I read Hitler’s Furies, which was not nearly as dry as I’d imagined it would be (most Holocaust books are dry, I’ve found, just words and figures, death, death, and more death). In other Holocaust news, I just (not five minutes ago) read Hidden, a graphic novel for kids. About the Holocaust. Being hidden during the Holocaust. For children. Whoa. I’m not sure if children are ready to read a graphic novel about the Holocaust. Wow.


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