Preschool Storytime, Wednesday, January 28


This post was going to be titled “Preschool and Baby Storytimes,” but given that I had absolutely zero babies for my storytime today (wahhhh), I’ll just focus on my preschool storytime.

Funnily enough, it wasn’t even a preschool storytime. What with the weather in the Northeast, our storytime numbers have been low this week – it’s snowing even as I type this – and I had some leftover toddlers, without a preschooler in sight. So with a bit of tweaking, I made my preschool storytime a toddler storytime. We still had a ball!


I had already planned to read Piggies in Pajamas and Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing in my preschool storytime, and those worked well enough, but not beautifully, with the toddlers. I added Jane Cabrera’s The Wheels on the Busand boom, toddler storytime. We sang “Shake My Sillies Out” with egg shakers, and the usual songs, and though it was a small group, we had a nice time.

Sadly I didn’t have anyone for my babytime, but it actually worked out nicely, because I met a couple from Korea wandering around, and the wife is a library school teacher there, and I showed them all through our children’s section, and even gave them a bag of swag to boot. We have so many international visitors – library people are library people, no matter where they’re from.

Oh, I forgot, I haven’t shown off some of the great displays my coworkers have done in a while, so I want to highlight them here. Aren’t they clever?


Often we’ll do smaller displays on top of some of our bookcases, and here’s the Pets one. I love the little fishbowl on the top.


Recognize any of these silhouettes?


Coworker L gets a special shoutout because she worked so blasted hard on this one. Each state is a YA book that takes place there, and the white box to the right – you may not be able to read, sorry – lists all the books she used. I think it is supercool.

In links today:

The top spot: We have lost Colleen McCullough, who wrote The Thorn Birdsand Margaret Bloy Graham, who illustrated Harry and the Dirty Dog(Mama Bear, who sent me the latter link, wrote that she can still picture herself at her kitchen table writing a book report in second grade on Harry and his adventures.)

I wish we could do more. We need to do more. 

Ms. Marvel is Muslim. Also? Ms. Marvel takes no crap.

You may laugh at #4, but that’s super-important. I know nothing about the new Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. shows, but I can serve the kids at my library a lot better if I do. Also to learn about? Minecraft.

Librarians are the most powerful people in schools, from what I hear.

A Q&A with family friend and author Jill Morrow (whose new book is coming out soon yay!)

A blogger mom sings our praises. Thank you!

From Coworker L:

The GIFs are a particularly snarky addition to the advice.

From Friend D:

I can’t even.

Preservation, conservation, and restoration are part of archiving, which I know little about but respect greatly. Here’s part of what that all entails. 

Please, corporations, just stop trying.

From Mama Bear:

Some pretty solid choices on this list, but my favorite one – not included, sadly – is still ” ‘Where’s Papa going with that ax?’ said Fern to her mother as they were setting the table for breakfast.”

Seriously, none from Lady Catherine, who has not a civil word for anyone? I’m surprised.

In What’s Annabelle Reading:

Wow, did I enjoy Noggin, by John Corey Whaley. It’s not just a book about, you know, having a cryogenically frozen head, but about starting over and trying to get past the past. Definitely a winner.

I don’t usually write about books I’m reading until I finish them, but I’m in the middle of a Stephen King – won’t say which one yet – and I think the old boy may have lost his touch. When do I get scared?


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