STEAM Sunday, February 1


It’s never a good sign when your boss comes over to you and says, “So…no one’s signed up for Sunday’s STEAM program…” She’s not coming over to you to just inform you of that fact and then tell you she’s going to lunch. No, sir. She’s informing you of that fact and then telling you that you are now in charge of that Sunday’s STEAM.

Uh, oh.

But luckily, inspiration struck and it struck quickly. (This conversation happened on Friday, so I knew that indulging in panic would not be productive.) I thought for a few minutes – maybe something for Superbowl Sunday? And I lit on a word that came from the depths of a long disused portion of my brain, devoted to math: tessellations.

Where it came from, I don’t know. But it turned out to be just what I needed.

I pulled out Boss’ iPad and loaded up a few links to share with the kids: one, the song “Tessellations” from the most underrated kids’ TV show ever, Square One TV, (a math show that I watched obsessively – I know, right? Math and me?), and two, some of M.C. Escher’s tessellations to show them.

Once I’d shown them these links, we set to making our own tessellations, thanks to some internet digging I’d done. (Rare is the librarian who comes up with his/her own program. The internet is there for a reason, and I’m not too proud to say that.) It was easy and fun.

Here are mine!


If you look carefully, you can see that I have a page of tessellated Heffalumps and a page of tessellated Woozles. I felt like making my tessellations into creatures, and one of the boys asked me what Heffalumps and Woozles were. Well, that required more than just an explanation; it required a song. So not only did the kids learn about tessellations, they learned some rich Disney history via YouTube. (This one kid was fascinated. I’m serious. He insisted on watching the video twice.)

So it was a good program, for the brief amount of planning time I had!

In other news, I changed up one of our bulletin boards. It was our MLK Day one, and I made a slight switch to make it our Black History Month one. I pulled up some quotes and tied them to photos of who said them.


The photo to the far right (sorry, I couldn’t fit the whole board in) is Rosa Parks standing in front of a library. I’m no fool.

Last of all, everyone who’s cool and is not me is at the ALA Midwinter, oh, did I mention LeVar Burton and books and swag and Chicago and awesome librarians and not me? Sad.


In the top spot, a trip down memory lane.

Because it’s awesome!

Gorgeous and really well done. I’m partial to #6 in particular. So delicate.

From Friend D:

I’m going to start using “Interviewing your brains.”

Sad, but not a surprise.

Short but sweet novellas for the non-footballers among us.

Wow – learned something new about Stephen King today.

Speaking for all librarians, which is generally a dangerous thing to do but in this case I’m happy to do it, please do not film porn in the library.

I blew it at #21 by guessing a character who was listed at #55.

From Mama Bear:

English majors, sing it loud and proud.

From Sister A:

She titled the email “Good list,” but I’m going to say it’s an EXCELLENT list.

About writing for kids – things I never would have thought of.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished Stephen King’s Revival, and was still waiting to get scared. It did get a little creepy, okay, fine, but it wasn’t so scary like his old books, like The Shining, or a book I cannot name here that is so scary I can’t even keep it in my house.


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