Ones, Thursday, February 5, 2015


Blah blah blah storytime with the ones, they were great, here are the books I used (plus Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed), etc. etc.


Ready? Let’s move on to…

…the huge crazy news that came out,which would normally be top news in the links, but this deserves a little bit more discussion. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock/have had the Library Plague (see below)/need a refresher, the news came out that Harper Lee will be releasing her first book in 50 yearsGo Set a Watchman. (All credit to Friend P for alerting me to this earth-shaking news by sending me the link in an email that had “BREAKING NEWS” with 500 exclamation points as the subject line.)

The book has the potential to be quite exciting – OMG A NEW HARPER LEE BOOK AHHHHHH – but also a little worrying.

Consider the factors that have gone into the timing, as revealed by this Jezebel article.

Consider also this shady, shady, supershady interview.

Consider Lee’s own words from back in the day (when she was still lucid).

Consider this NYT op-ed writer who says, “We have been greedy. One great book is enough.”

Consider what the new book is up against in terms of the original.

Do you want my take, dear chickadees? Well, you’re still reading, so I assume your answer is yes. Frankly? I think it smells. There are too many factors that just don’t match up. Mama Bear offered to pre-order a copy for both Sister A and me, but I asked her to hold off, at least on my end. Is this something I want to put my money toward? I think I’ll wait till the rumbling stops and see what shakes loose.

Moving on.

In other news, I have the Library Plague. At this point, most of us have had or currently have it. Here’s a picture of the staff in our protective gear:


Just kidding. But we’re just slightly short of that. I slept through yesterday, but today I’m quite snotty (go ahead, make your jokes), so I’m armed with tea, handkerchief, and a boatload of Purell. You should have seen us in storytime today – it was a symphony of sniffling and coughing. We were disgusting. But I guess that’s children in February.

Okay, regular links.

In the other top spot, Harper Lee aside, the youth media awards, announced at the American Library Association’s midwinter meeting. Congratulations to all the winners – excellent choices this year!

One of the best presents I ever received (from Sister A, I think), was a copy of the letters of Ursula Nordstrom, referenced here. What a hero.

Another reason ISIS is not winning any points with anyone (this time with librarians and booklovers).

Who wouldn’t love to read in spaces like these?

So many great women writers to read in 2015…

We now pause for pets.

From Friend M:

Libraries and librarians change, but serving families is forever.

From Mama Bear:

My Birthday Twin defines acronyms.

Google, what have you done for us lately?

Aren’t there actual, y’know, crimes that the police could focus on?

YA gives me the feels. Case in point.

From Sister A:

This could be quite useful, if you’re on a streak…

What it’s like to get the Newbery/Caldecott/Printz call…


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  1. btw, i hit your blog sporadically but def did so today to see your thoughts on Lee….no one to discuss with in person who’d be equally passionate about both the potential for a new book and the potential harassment of a national treasure who is very much a Boo

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head to why I’m so torn about it, Cheryl. The idea of a new book, following up on the universally-loved character of Scout, blows pretty much everyone’s minds, but the, yes, harassment, and possible exploitation of the self-defined Boo of an author gives me so much pause. And it should give everyone pause, once they realize how infirm Lee is. Any article that purports to share thoughts from Lee herself really isn’t to be trusted. Yellow light: proceed with caution.

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