Baby Lapsit, Friday, February 13


Today is bitterly cold. Piercing winds, the kind that make you want to take one look outside at the people having their hats blown off, shake your head, and get back into bed with a cup of cocoa and a book.

I started off with one little munchkin for my baby time, and then eventually we grew to 11! It was nice. We had a cozy time in the Early Literacy Room rather than in the regular storytime room, which can feel positively cavernous when you have a small group, particularly of little babies.

Of course, a larger number is better for our monthly reports to The Powers that Be, and weather and holidays and such account for lower numbers, but, dangit, I do like a smaller group, particularly where babies are concerned.


Linkity dinks:

For tomorrow, if you’re looking for someone to date

Have you ever found anything cool in a book?

One of my favorite smells – old books and contentment.

From Friend D:

These guys are the talk of our office, and for good reason.

From Sister A:

“Because duh,” says A (and happy belated to dear Judy Blume!)

How (and why) to surround yourself with books.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I received an advance readers’ copy of A Touch of Stardust (which has already been released), and liked it very much. It’s a sure hit for anyone who likes stories about old Hollywood, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, and most of all Gone With the Wind, like yours truly. Lots of fun little details about studio life and screenwriting in the late 1930s.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, my chickadees (or a Galentine’s Day)! Spend it with loved ones, friends, or family, real or fictional.


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    • ah, hadn’t followed the link since i read it on my phone and haven’t mastered juggling multiple pages without getting lost (commented later on my laptop but from memory). sorry! stay warm!

      p.s. while the letter i found does make me sad (and angry at my local schools), i do appreciate the clear feeling behind it….i didn’t know any good way to locate the owner and it was about to storm so she couldn’t have returned to try and see where she’d dropped it…

      p.p.s. the used books store we stopped at when returning from a market trip in LAN had some journals/diaries…i didn’t take one b/c the privacy issues bugged me, but recently i’ve been fascinated with the idea of reading something of that sort (still feel pretty voyeuristic, but i tell myself it isn’t so terrible if i don’t know the writer)

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