We’ve had quite a bit of snow here in the Northeast, and had our first snowday of the year yesterday. Hooray!

Naturally, we’ve been quite busy today, as grateful parents get their kids finally out of the house, the back-to-back closures of Presidents Day and a snowday clearly making for some frazzled nerves.

So though I’ve had a four-day weekend (wahoo), and would have much preferred to sort of ease my way back into work, the patrons care very little for what I prefer and have descended on us. I also have a STEAM program on Sunday that, for once, I’m really excited about, but it will take some prep, and I only have today and tomorrow before I work the weekend to prep for it.


In our Top Spot! Dr. Seuss has a new book coming out (which is a neat trick, since he’s dead). It’s called Go Set a Watchman. I’m just kidding. I stole that from Friend D.

Odd facts about children’s books + my birthday twin = a captivating 11 minutes.

Big fan of #1, then #2, and #3 is a big mess of what now?

This question is why I’m single, because I hear it on every. single. first. date. The responses are why I’m enjoying it.

Richard Scarry for the win, I think.

I hope I never see the movie, but if I do (by which I mean tied to a chair with my eyes held open), at least I can torment my liver along with my eyes.

The Harry Potter/Mean Girls mashup is the best (picture Malfoy saying that his dad, the inventor of toaster strudel, wouldn’t be too pleased to hear about this), but pretty much anything can go together.

So it is indeed Malarkey (pun fully intended). Does it get trashed, or does it go into fiction, then?

I looooooove Sense and Sensibility.

What a great idea, to have a circulating collection of cake pans, of tools, of American Girl dolls…

From Friend L:

J.K. Rowling is, again, the cleverest of the clever. These are really brilliant.

From Mama Bear:

Putting this on my Hanukkah list for next year…

Well, hellloooo, Jane, you sexy thing.

You have a Judy Blume awkward moment. We all do. I laid mine bare for you all, so I now have nothing to hide.

Amen, sister. 

Another author I’ve been meaning to read a lot of – and her personal story is nothing short of amazing.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I have had the chance to read some wonderful children’s chapter books throughout our weeding process, and just finished AshesWhile chapter books and Nazi Germany don’t always go well together, this one was carefully written and the characters fully fleshed out, but probably should have been designated YA, due to some of the adult themes, and not just for the (superbly researched) history behind the story.

Then, in a really abrupt change, I breezed through Brian Selznick’s Wonderstruck, which was just so fabulous that I can’t believe I hadn’t read it earlier. As I read it, it seemed like a wonderful book to read with a child – the adult reading the words, the child describing Rose’s story through the pictures.


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