The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Annabelle


Without some storytimes on my docket the past week or so, it’s been pretty quiet for me. Plus, my links are piling up in my inbox! I don’t like having a “light” schedule – I like staying busy. But that’s not to say I haven’t been doing plenty of planning.

For instance, I had training today for one of my yearly goals: readers’ advisory (RA), which is just a fancy term for recommending books to our patrons. While most of my RA in the past has been face-to-face, with children or teens, and having them ask what I would recommend, now my system is going to offer it RA online.

Later this year, patrons will have the opportunity to email the library system (similar to what the Brooklyn Public Library has done this year) for a recommendation, and then one of the librarians will respond to that email, or they can look online and find a list of books within a particular genre (cookery, historical fiction, erotica, young adult, biographies, etc.), that we’ll call “Pick Lists.” (I think my first pick list is going to be silly picture books. There are so many choices!) Patrons can even find a staff member’s profile and see what kind of books that staff member recommends.

This is something I’m really excited about. 99% of my children’s and teens RA tends to be books I’ve read as a child, either for fun or in school, and recommend over and over again. I want to get some new books under my belt, in genres I don’t know as well, so I can expand my horizons.

It’s also getting close to summer. Hard to believe, right, since it’s only March, and just barely March at that, with ice storms all over the place? Yup, this is the way it is. Like last summer, I’m planning our in-kind summer reading visits (the visitors/performers who won’t charge us), so that’s creeping up on me. We’re also starting to figure out, as a staff, who is doing which programs which weekends during the summer.

Before you know it, it’ll be Labor Day.

I can’t even.

Anyway, links.

In the top spot, if I sat on the Supreme Court, I’d cite Dr. Seuss, JUST BECAUSE I COULD.

Is it weird that I’ve never read this, or that I want to?

“Our Anne.”

These are all real, I promise you.

There are so many parallels between Downton Abbey and the world of Harry Potter. The actors, the scenery… the mixed marriages?

Thanks, Rotarians!

From Friend D:

Historically, libraries and prisons have gone hand in hand. Here’s one more example.

Fairy tales – the Grimm ones, not the neat, sanitized Disney ones – are really kind of screwed up. Read at your own risk.

“Personally, I’d wager that the angrier the challenge to read outside your comfort zone makes you, the more likely you are to profit by it.”

From Friend E:

Happy birthday to this fine-lookin’ man. Don’t recognize him? Would you believe me if I say he’s this guy?

From Library Friend D:

My branch hosted a program similar to this one before I joined, and I’d love to see it brought back. Dogs are the best listeners.

From Mama Bear:

Written by a teen! But the answer to the title question is: because YA and Teen fiction crosses genres, of course.

In more Downton/Harry Potter crossovers, the actors sort their characters into Hogwarts houses.

Who’s ever heard of this?

From Sister A:

E.B. White was so much more than just a children’s book author (and probably wouldn’t want you to characterize him that way).

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I was not so much astonished by Astonish Me. (That’s a tall order, I think, to be astonished by a book – it rarely happens on my end, but then again, I am a book snob.) Next, I was surprisingly hooked by The Story Hour, and the stories of both of its protagonists. It’s a “sticky” book, and won’t leave me for a while.


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