Preschool storytime, Wednesday, March 4


Oh, preschoolers, you silly things. We had a fun time yesterday.


I used my felts of food with Today is Monday, and managed to remember to wear my “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” shirt for Five Little Monkeys (I just keep it at work now – it’s easier that way). My new book this time was Ping Pong Pig, which was really cute and funny. I’m not sure how much the kids got it, and given that they were my oldest kids, it may not be worth it to use again – darn.

Today is a snow day – we got walloped again – and I’m actually quite sad, for two reasons. One, I was scheduled for storytime with my ones, which I always like, and two, Boss had asked me to fill in for two hours at the main welcome desk on the first floor, which I was really looking forward to. I’d never worked there before, and that department is a little short today (guess it’s a moot point now!). How interesting would that have been, to be able to spend some time right in the middle of the entrance?

I also have some news. I’ve been “detailed” – which means sent temporarily – to a neighborhood branch for about six weeks due to a staff shortage there. Incidentally, it’s the same branch I spent a few days at a little while ago, right in my own neighborhood. It’ll be quite different from working at Main Branch, and spending some significant time there will be quite a change. Plus, I’ll have a super-short commute, and saving time and money is something I can’t complain about!

Links today:

How to tell if you are in a Victor Hugo novel.

Six ways to be a library power user!

Batgirl is my favorite comic librarian. Sexy and smart, that girl.

How great are all of these? I’m having trouble deciding on a favorite.

Again, having trouble deciding on a favorite, but the Viagra one had me laughing the hardest. Oh, God, sorry. HA!

From Friend D:

Nietzsche Ipsum blah blah!

From Friend L:

This really does capture the weirdness of teen boys in YA literature.

From Mama Bear:

Six places to legally download books for free.

Erik Larson has a new book out! He’s one of those people whose new books I’ll order immediately, sight unseen, regardless of the topic.

YA Author Mal Peet has died.

The trailer for Lena Dunham’s Eloise documentary.

A (veddy veddy British) list of 50 books that every child should read by age 16.

Speaking of veddy veddy British, a teaser trailer for Ian McKellen in “Mr. Holmes.”

From Sister A:

Some great bookish prints for your walls.

“Been there!” was Sister A’s subject line. (How great will it be to get a little surprise in the package?)

Lots of great choices, including Grasshopper Jungle and Jacqueline Woodson!

A survey on Britain’s readers (we’re all Anglophiles in my family) – I’d love to see what American reading habits are, or maybe not, on second thought…

In What’s Annabelle Reading, Friend R gave me her copy of Serena, which has been made into a movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (sound familiar?). Fascinating.

One last thing, my chickadees. Today is World Book Day. Go pick up a book – a new one, an old one, a thick or thin one – and enjoy all it has to offer.


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