Family Storytime, Saturday, March 21



I’m absolutely knackered, but I am extremely happy.

I don’t know if this is true for all neighborhood branches, but I’m getting to be a librarian. Doing a lot of readers’ advisory – finding biographies of soccer players, books for seven-month-olds, books about birds in the Carolinas, graphic novels like the Bone series – and even a big project (marking and organizing the holiday books, so I can leave my mark and take some of the work off of the staff).

It’s terrific.

On Saturday I had a great turnout for my Saturday Family Storytime. About 30 children and adults of all ages attended, which I had anticipated, because I am a smart cookie.


In accordance with my “one new book every storytime rule,” I had originally planned to use a delightful new book, Julia’s House for Lost Creatures, but it was a little too preschool, to go along with the Jeremy Draws a Monster/The Monster Returns combo by Peter McCarty. Realizing that I might get some toddlers and littler ones too, I threw in I Went Walking into my pile just in case the aforesaid littler ones appeared, and they did. It kind of threw off my Creature Feature theme, but, well, flexibility is the name of the game.

This storytime was markedly different from any at the Main Branch. The adults were enthusiastic participants; they laughed in all the right places because they were actively paying attention; they sang along to all the songs; not a single cell phone was to be seen (and after I made my “please set them to vibrate and put them away” spiel, they actually did.) I was a little blown away.

And as they leave the storytime, the adults say, “Let’s look at some library books to take out,” rather than leaving the library like bats out of hell. What a change!

In slightly related news, I was on a complete waste of a date the other night with some dillhole who expected me to justify the existence of libraries and my career choice. For real. As in, he actually asked something along the lines of, “But why would you want to work at a library when eBooks are taking over?” I was not having it. I gave him a tight smile along with the answer that our systemwide circulation is actually going up, that we provide much more than books, but meeting rooms, a community space, 3D printer access (this surprised him a lot), speakers, storytimes and afterschool programs, etc. etc. etc. (he also asked me if I led a storytime and actually sang in front of the children).

Maybe learn how libraries work before making a fool out of yourself.

Links – hold onto your hats; I have a lot.

In the top stories, too many deaths to report: fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett and children’s and YA author Ellen Conford,

In the next top spot, did I call possible shenanigans? I did.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was an article from “The Onion.” YOU DON’T GET TO SHUSH US.

These are all hilariously, ridiculously, unbelievably true. You have no idea. (The real laws of library science are here.)

You don’t often put the words “entrepreneurs” and “libraries” in the same sentence, but here you go.

Weird, but I’ve heard weirder.

I might have to give them all my money.

You know that the White in Strunk and White is E.B. White who wrote Charlotte’s Web, right?

From Friend D:

Look, this whole Snape redemption arc? Not a fan. I still think he’s a jerk.

How do you just LOSE Cervantes? I don’t get it.

If I were studying with this guy, I’d probably have to kill him. If I were the librarian there, I’d probably just roll my eyes and call security. Given that I’m not there, hilarious!

From Friend J:

Now you, too, can smell like an old book. (And look at the name of the perfume, isn’t that great/weird?)

From Friend L:

The struggle is real! You don’t know!

From Mama Bear:

Jaded,” Sir Arthur? Really?

And in other Sir Arthur Conan Doyle news….

And yet more news. I will be watching this.

Can’t wait to see Mr. Holmes – now there’s a release date.

A look at one of the 100 best novels: To Kill a Mockingbird… seen through Anglo eyes.

This article really should be called “What a lot of freshly-minted adults learned from rereading their favorite children’s books they had last read less than ten years ago.”

The Paper Towns trailer!!!

This is funny because it’s true.

I’m really going to have to watch this, despite my meh-ness about Lena Dunham.

From Sister A:

Agree with some, not all.

Sneak in extra reading time!

Sarah Polley is an acclaimed director in her own right, but I’ll always have a soft spot for her because she was Ramona.

My hometown library’s new director. And it’s a girrrrrrl!!!

Keep in mind this is a country that also gave us other fabulous ideas like whisky and fried Mars bars. I support it.

If you’re not watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you should, partially because it’s funny, and partially because there are some awesome book references in there. Two of the first episodes (I actually think it IS the first two episodes) have references to the American Girl books and The Babysitters Club), which Sister A and I both fangirled over. Anyway, some book recommendations for the aforementioned Kimmy Schmidt.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I read a satirical play that was fascinating – a quick read and quite thought-provoking. After that, I finally finally finally, after being number 200-something on the wait list, managed to read All The Light We Cannot See, which was good, but not as mind-blowing as all the hype had led me to believe. Still, do read it.  Finally, in my quest to read the chapter books I’d somehow missed as I’ve grown up, or were not quite in my time, I picked up Ella Enchantedwhich was… fine.


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  1. Oh, what a nice juicy update! Glad to hear about the neighborhood branch (sounds great!); less glad to read about the stinker of a date. I’ve watched all of Kimmy Schmidt and really enjoyed it, though felt that it wasn’t quite as good in later episodes. And yay, I made the links section! 🙂

    • Of course you did, Friend J! (I’m trying to find a clever way to link “stinker of a date” with the link you sent me about smelling like old books, but nothing’s coming… too late in the day? Low blood sugar?) Thank you for reading!

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