Pajama Storytime and Preschool Storytimes


Boy, did I have two great storytimes in the past two days. I’ve been lucky enough to have a great cadre of regulars for my Pajama Storytime, so it’ll be super-sad when I have to leave to go back home to Main Branch.

For PJ on Wednesday – counting me, we had three sets of Pajamas (well, mine didn’t match), but one set of vampire teeth, and another set of knights and castles, both on boys, and it was epically adorable – we had a great time.


My new book this time was Jan Thomas’ Here Comes the Big, Mean Dust Bunny, but it’s not like I was worried about how it might be received, because, come on: Jan Thomas, right? Always reliable, always hilarious. A few drop-in families had a good time, too, and I hope they’ll come back.

Before I get to my next storytime report, I want to share that I finished my big project here: sorting, cataloging, and “dotting” the holiday collection. Most of it was in order, and not all of it was marked as “holiday” in the database – a lot of it was marked “children” instead – and any book marked “holiday” also needed a green dot on it, to make it easily identifiable. Once they were marked, they needed to be put in order per holiday: non-fiction, then fiction (picture book, chapter book, easy reader, board book), then media (CD, then DVD).

Remember those paint sticks? Holiday separators. Voila!

Here’s a look at the green dots up close, with some of the sticks:


And the holidays (a few, that had fewer than 5 materials, were demoted to the regular collection. Sorry, Arbor Day.):


Some people might find this daunting, but I love tasks like this. I’m so Type A that I LOVE getting things in order and making things right.

This morning I had a small, private preschool storytime for a local daycare. The kids were wonderful and well-behaved, the adults were enthusiastic and participatory, and the child:adult ratio was 2:1… in short, it was a far cry from Main Branch. How sad.

We had a good time with some old favorites, and the new book, Wee Little Bunny, was the perfect source for participation and hand motions for kids this age.


If all of my storytimes were this enthusiastic and smooth…!

I was shelving in our easy readers the other day, and I noticed this book. It’s a real book, and a legit easy reader, but it’s darkly funny and has parts in it about vampires and bats. I’m not sure if our collections person knew this when she was ordering it, or has a wicked sense of humor I never knew about before, but I smile every time I see it. It’s charming in the Dick and Jane throwback way (I think I bought my mom this a few years ago), so if you know of an emerging reader with hip parents, it will make a great gift.


In the top spot, an article to read about the creative process – how those YA books we love get written. (And a must-read for fans of my Birthday Twin!)

More better book titles – these courtesy of The Soup. (Just skip through the ads.)

We’re having #16 at our Staff Day in a few weeks.

These would be awesome.

From Friend L:

Buy me a plane ticket, someone! (Still only been to one of these.)

Drawings and facts! Betcha didn’t know these.

From Mama Bear:

Yeah, all of them.

So my family once went to Portland for my cousin’s wedding, and Sister A and I naturally threw ourselves on the ground and pounded our fists and screamed and yelled that we HAD to go to the Ramona Park or else our parents didn’t love us and wasn’t Klickitat Street nearby and could we go pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease (I was in college at the time, shut up)* so we went, and it was awesome, and there are pictures (next time I’m home, I’ll find some, and scan them, and put them in a future post). TL;DR: you can visit there. 

*this may or may not have actually happened. 

A new website! Check it out. 

April is National Poetry Month, and what better way to commemorate the occasion that lots of hot people reading poems?

Sister A and I regularly laugh at a hometown restaurant that regularly featured “chocolate mouse cake” on the menu.

From Sister A:

Because Mallory Ortberg of “The Toast” is HILARIOUS and should be recognized for her genius.

You know how I feel about this man.

I never read this till a few years ago, and I know everyone loved it, but it really never took with me. Maybe I was just too old.

In What’s Annabelle Reading, I finished a terrific YA book, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, about a gay teenage girl in Montana in the early 90s (yikes) who loses her parents (double yikes) and whose Bible-thumping aunt sends her to a gay-conversion boarding school (triple yikes). It’s written with a lot of heart, and it’s a valuable addition to the LGBTQA section of any YA library. 


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